Tips for choosing a carpet for the kitchen

If you decide to complement the interior of the kitchen carpet, then first find out whether it is worth using such an accessory, as well as find out the features of its choice.

Pros and cons

If you have an idea to use a carpet for the kitchen, then first carefully analyze the pros and cons of such a decision. First of all, it is worth considering the pros:

  • Soft cover is associated with comfort, so it will create an atmosphere of a home and achieve the most comfortable environment.
  • This accessory can perform several functions. First, you can use it for zoning, for example, to designate a dining group or center of a room. Secondly, the carpet can become a bright accent of the interior and refresh the design. Thirdly, the accessory can almost completely replace the floor covering, if it covers the entire surface of the floor. And this will avoid the costs associated with repairs.
  • The carpet will eliminate some of the shortcomings of the flooring.So, if the tiles were used for finishing, the accessory will make the floor more warm, especially in the winter season. Also, the carpet will reduce the slip of glossy materials. And if the coating is partially damaged, you can close this area and leave it hidden from prying eyes.
  • If there are elderly people or children in the house, the carpet will make the stay in the kitchen safer, since it will serve as an excellent depreciation during the falls.
  • Spreading the carpet around the work area will reduce the likelihood of leg fatigue or discomfort during cooking.
  • This is an effective and easy way to transform or change the design, to bring something fresh, new and stylish into it.

There are also disadvantages:

  • This is not the most practical coating that requires special care. Dry and wet cleansers will have to be regularly carried out to remove crumbs and other contaminants.
  • Since the kitchen is the place where food is prepared and consumed, it is simply unrealistic to avoid pollution. And some can penetrate into the material of the carpet and eats into it, leaving hard to remove stains.
  • When used improperly, this decor element can reduce or "break" the space, and also make the interior ridiculous and tasteless.

How to make the right choice?

How to choose a carpet in the kitchen? When buying, you should follow such criteria:

  1. Dimensions. They will depend on the area of ​​the kitchen, as well as on the specific location of the accommodation. Consider in advance where the accessory will be located, and also take measurements to select the appropriate model and organically fit it into the interior.
  2. The form should also correspond to the kitchen: both its area and configuration. So, if the room is square, it is better to choose a square or round carpet. And the corresponding accessory will fit into the rectangular room: rectangular or oval. Also available are unusual models with complex shapes and made in the form of some figures. But in a room in which people constantly move, such a carpet may be inappropriate and interfere with moving quickly and comfortably.
  3. Material. It is best to choose synthetic or mixed with the addition of natural fibers. Firstly, it is more durable, easy to clean, practical and resistant to high humidity and other adverse effects, and secondly, it has an affordable price. Natural material carpet can cause allergic reactions, suffer from moisture, absorb impurities and lose aesthetic appearance.And the accessory should not slide, otherwise the risks of accidental fall will increase.
  4. The base must be rubberized so that the carpet is securely fixed on the floor covering and does not move while walking on it.
  5. Pile. The shorter it is, the better, since crumbs from food and dust will certainly accumulate in the long-piled covering in the kitchen. And it's even better to choose a lint-free model.
  6. Coloring and prints. When choosing a carpet, you should take into account the peculiarities of the kitchen design, so that it blends in with the interior of such a room. It is necessary to take into account the style in which the room is sustained, the basic color range, as well as the shades of the furniture. So, in a classic kitchen it is worth spreading a carpet or a carpet of simple geometric patterns. In the colorful styles of Baroque, Rococo and Art Deco, heraldic patterns and noble shades are appropriate. Abstract prints and creative drawings, as well as the most juicy and bright colors, fit into modern trends. In addition, the color of the carpet should be combined with a range of finishing materials and furniture, and it can both complement it and stand out due to the contrast.But you should not choose light colors: on such surfaces, any even minor dirt immediately becomes noticeable.

How can a carpet be used?

Purchase and thoughtlessly spread the carpet - a big mistake that can turn it from a stylish accessory to an inappropriate and extra. It is important to use such an element in the interior deliberately and correctly, so that it performs all its functions and complements the design.

The first way is to separate the dining area. In this case, the carpet should be laid under the table and chairs, so that it denotes and delimits this area. The edges should extend beyond the table at least 60-70 centimeters in order for the sitting to have the opportunity to freely and comfortably move chairs.

The carpet can stand out from the floor, turning into a bright accent. When choosing colors it is necessary to take into account the range of the dining group, then the accessory will be harmoniously combined with it. In addition, the carpet must fully fit the table in shape and repeat its shape.

Mark the center of the room by laying out the carpet in the middle of the kitchen. But it is better to use this technique if the room is spacious and its central part remains free.If the area is small, then the carpet will surely be blocked by other elements of the interior, and then it will not be possible to fully implement the idea.

Spread the carpet on the floor in the work area. In this case, the carpet can repeat its contours and have a width sufficient for free movement. And you can use a small rug and place it directly in front of the table top or the cabinet on which cooking is carried out.

Tip: if the kitchen area allows, try using two carpets or even make up the whole composition. So, you can choose a model of one color, but different in shape and size. Spread them in different areas: in the working and dining areas, in the center, near the window.

Choose a practical and stylish carpet for the kitchen and turn it into an interesting element of the interior.

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