These 15 gizmos will certainly bring good luck to your home.

Believe you are in the signs or not, but to call for luck in your home wants absolutely any person. For this good cause, as is known, all means are good. If the teachings of feng shui, which has already told us a century, that some thing is more favorable than another, it means that there is a grain of sense in this. At least, no one else will decorate his house. And if it also brings good luck- well! Let's use wise advice.

Door of the right color

According to Feng Shui, the door to the South must be red or orange, to the North blue or black, to the West gray or white, to the East brown or green. It will bring good luck to the house.

Soft stuff

Perhaps in the traditional sense this is not entirely true, but, according to some studies, the presence of soft things in the house (toys, pillows, blankets) helps to restore a sense of comfort and calm.


These large animals are considered wise, loyal and persistent. That is why they are symbols of good luck and favorable events.Place a small elephant figurine in the house to protect your family.

Fresh flowers

They will not only bring a good mood to your home. According to Feng Shui, as long as there are fresh flowers in the house (perhaps growing in pots), luck will favor your family.


Of course, they fill the house with an incredible aroma that lifts the mood and relaxes. At the same time, incense literally "expels" negative energy, surrounding you with an aura of peace and good luck.


If you agree with the phrase “An apple a day - and you don’t need a doctor,” then you are committed to a healthy lifestyle. A full basket of fruits, especially citrus, is a symbol of prosperity and good luck.


Everyone likes the look of these wonderful creatures. In addition, the ladybugs represent a bright symbol of luck and protection by higher powers. Be sure to place a small statuette or figurine at home.

Circular furniture

Positive energy must circulate. For this, nothing should hinder her, in particular, furniture that clutters up space. Bring more space into the house by moving furniture away from each other.


In many cultures, it is believed that a horseshoe brings good luck to the house.At the same time, some believe that the ends should look up - so luck will not end, and some - that down, then luck will not "fall" (disappear). Who to believe is up to you.

Clean entrance and hallway

No talismans are needed to invite good luck to the house. It is enough to keep the entrance and the entrance hall clean - and the headstrong lady herself will gladly come to you.

Chamomile tea

Surprised? You don't even have to drink it. Enough to keep at home. Many believe that he brings good luck.


Feng Shui teaches us that through the mirror, positive energy flows into the house. It is advisable to install a mirror so that it reflects the external beautiful picture - for example, your garden outside the window.


Like a horseshoe, also personifies the symbol of luck. In addition, it is a good decor for the house.


The pond is another powerful symbol of wealth, prosperity and good luck (according to Feng Shui).


It is associated with the New Year, Christmas and holidays. It is not necessary to get it only on holidays - the garland will wonderfully decorate the house, at the same time attracting luck to your side.

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