Her home has always had a terrific scent! And once she showed me one trick!

We constantly buy various products that are designed to provide a pleasant aroma in our home - air fresheners, sprayers, scented candles, etc. But the whole problem lies in the fact that all the listed products consist of chemical compounds. Therefore, they are toxic, and harm our body. There is a need for a natural alternative.

Today we will show you an unusual video that will help you to abandon those toxic products that are littered with store shelves!

All you need is baking soda, some essential oil, a fork, a container for a candle, a hammer and a tin lidded vessel.

This great trick is perfect for your bathroom, bedroom, living room. Hot water, soap and an empty candlestick - and there are no more problems.

Pour some soda in a jar, add 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and mix well with a fork. Tea candle can be located in the center! Tighten the cap, and then make 5-7 holes with a hammer and screwdriver!

Repeat the same method with baking soda and essential oil.

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