The World Against Melania Trump, Or Why The First Lady Of The United States Has Been Targeted For Laughter

The US presidential election has shown that the world has more work to do. Including over learning to respect men and women equally. The reaction to the victory of Donald Trump in the networks was turbulent and heterogeneous: someone was joking, someone was indignant, someone was angry, someone lamented and almost made predictions about the end of the world. And someone just decided for a change to discuss the personal life of his wife all over the world, namely, its distant "pre-Tramp" past.

The Press and Internet began to aggressively criticize Melania and the Internet was launched during the presidential race, when Clinton supporters rushed to mock at Trump's personality and at the same time and his wife came up with an unpleasant label: it's not just a woman who wears too tight dresses (by the way, Kate Middleton was also accused of this ), not just in the past, the linen model with a set of photos naked inthe portfolio is the same as Carla Bruni, and the typical male hunter for men from Eastern Europe, who became a human being because she found a hubby with a large number of zeros in her bank account. And this is not the worst option, but there were even sharper - "escort girl", a dummy. The fact that Melania speaks in four languages, really successfully worked as a model (and not only underwear), gave birth to Trump’s son and released her own collection of jewelry, and even during the presidential race showed excellent style in clothes, they chose not to say. Because the press Melania was not interesting as a person, but as yet another indisputable proof that Trump will be a disgusting president, because he has not only political views to hell, and his wife is a vulgar and ill-mannered person.

The people resented outraged how a “trophy wife” with silicone breasts, Botox and dresses with see-through nipples dares to take the place of the first lady in the White House, when before her there were Jacqueline Kennedy, Nancy Reagan, Michelle Obama and other good examples of elegance.



As is usually the case with us, the thoughts of the people have radically diverged from the actions.USA Today has written that Melania Trump will be the only first lady whose nude photos have seen the whole world. And this title is published in those times when hackers drop hundreds of Hollywood stars in nude photos onto the Web, and nude selfie - a photo of herself nude - enters the process of sexting, or flirting at a distance using a mobile phone or computer. It does not occur to anyone that the career of a linen model and a photo of yourself in the mirror in a new lace corset at home occurs as a result of the same impulse - you feel that you look cool and want to capture it. A successful model who dropped out of her career for a career in Milan hardly lived with the thought that acting naked is obviously a bad idea, and then suddenly your future husband will come to head for the presidency two decades later.

Melania Trump - she is not Jackie O with her prim designer wardrobe, Bachelor of Arts in French literature and her own newspaper column, which she led during Kennedy's election campaigning at a solid gestational age and which was signed not even by her name, but by some proletarian heading "Campaign Wife".

Melania is an illustrative example of a woman who, like in the XXI century, society allowed to live not “as the husband says,” but as she wants, only in practice it turned out that all this moralizing home-building did not evaporate and everything also dictates to women what to wear, how to make a living and how to live, God forbid you do not disgrace your husband



During the movement for the liberation of the female breast and half-naked dresses from lace alone on the red carpet, someone still has a strong allergy to an overly sexy woman as the first lady, as if in the new status of Melania you need to sharply quit caring for yourself wrinkles, put hair in a ponytail and put on a burqa. In 2016, female sexuality for us is still a taboo, especially if this woman is “someone's”, if it is no longer a woman in active search who wants to delight men's views.

The attack in the direction of the newly declared first lady: her cheekbones too high, her breasts too lush, her overly open dresses are not just another vile network harassment, but a confirmation of the sad retrograde fact that society still does not allow women to do with their body and life whatever they please

Apparently, just like Donald Trump will be an unpredictable president for America, Melania will be completely different from the other first lady. And if we accept the fact that the first lady is not an elected position, then all Trumpler’s teachers have to accept the fact that, despite their piquant past, plagiarism of official speeches or an overabundance of plastic operations, Melania can still become an excellent role model. for American society. But it is only and only for that female part of it, which does not pretend to be good, in order to please everyone, but lives as it pleases (well, or as the Kardashian family) - gets married “for connections”, overdoing with implants, is photographed naked and for which he does not apologize.

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