The spectacular decoration of a small country house

There are no walls in this house, it has a lot of light and enough space for a small family. Built and designed house by Ana White and her husband to order. The White people live in Alaska, where the cold or very cold weather is all year round, where you can observe the magical Northern Lights, but there are very expensive and many items for the house are inaccessible. Therefore, Alaskans are actively using fantasy, creating ordinary everyday things with their own hands. This project is a storehouse of ideas for everyone who is building a small country house or wants to furnish a small apartment.

The house is simple and beautiful atmosphere, while the furniture is multifunctional. You can see this for yourself by looking at photos and videos.

Exterior design

The structure is located on a mobile platform 7 m long and 2.5 m wide. The height of the house is about 4 m. The structure is made for a client who does not plan to travel in it - the design is too large to be used as atourist trailer. However, this comfortable house is quite possible to move to a new place as needed. The client's brother built and installed a container of fuel on the outer front wall of the trailer. Behind this wall there is a kitchen, a small toilet and a shower in the interior. There was also a place for a washing machine and dryer. All windows - with a triple layer to save heat.

Open house concept, i.e. space without walls

The most important thing that I wanted to achieve in the design is the feeling of a free, spacious room. In the middle of the room a large carpet was laid, it was light and wide here!

To organize such a space, it was necessary to resolve the issue with the location of the bed. Installing a bunk bed would require installing a ladder, which would take up too much space. Found solution - installing an elevator for the bed. A similar device is used in garages to raise the door. The bed, at the touch of a button, rises up and down the special rails. In the rails installed special locks, which keep the shelf with a mattress on the right level.When the sleeping bed is fastened at the highest level, additional safety locks are used.

There is a sofa and small bedside tables under the bed. The latter have many destinations, and a few words about this a little later. For beds, bedside tables are used as steps, if necessary. The bed could be set even lower, but then I would have to remove the pillows from the sofa every night.

The sofa, which consists of three parts, is made by hand. The soft coating is made of 3 pieces of foam rubber and stitched fabric, trimmed around the edge of the elastic band. When all 3 pieces are put together, they can serve as a bed for guests.

While in the beds, one can observe the luxurious nature of Alaska.

Under the window on one side of the room there are storage cabinets. The doors for them are mounted on special rods.

These rods are also made by the hands of Ana and her husband.

In this photo you can see how the doors of the cabinet turn into a long comfortable table, and in addition, the second purpose of the bedside tables. Here they serve as comfortable chairs. In the video, Ana showed that parts of the table can be removed from the bar and you can install a regular-sized table right in the middle of the room.

As you probably guessed, the tables can be divided into two separate desktops.And pay attention to the curbstones-chairs again: the upper part of them is removable. Putting it on your knees with a pillow down, we get a small table for the laptop. Of course, the interior space of thumbs can be used to store things.

Go to the kitchen. On the left in the corner is a heater and various drawers and shelves for organizing things.

So it was made with their own hands a place to store keys.

A piece of pipe from early projects is used as a hanger for outerwear.

The box, which stands in the left corner, serves to store the shoes. In addition, it is he who is the third part of the sofa bed.

The kitchen is on a dais and you can see 3 doors under its base. Left - access to water pipes. On the right - 2 drawers for storing large items.

Above the coat hooks, a pine wood box is visible. The 3 lower sections are quite convenient to use, and the upper part hides a drawer in which spices and other kitchen products are stored.

The cabinet is mounted on racks and is easily extended if necessary.

Thanks to this simple solution, the kitchen managed to organize enough storage space for spices and large boxes of cereal.

At the left are placed a bio-toilet, shower and a mobile box for clothes.The door to this multifunctional space is mounted on a rail and moves easily. From the outside, shelves for kitchen items are designed. Plexiglass was used to glaze the windows above the bathroom.

Inside the shower rack, a sliding wardrobe is installed in which clothes can be stored. When a shower is used, the cabinet easily moves to the opposite side.

The shower curtain is removable, it can be fixed on the opposite side so that water does not fall on the closet with clothes.

The kitchen is simple. It will have an induction stove and a microwave. To the left of the kitchen sink there is a washing machine-dryer. The kitchen cupboard by the window is mounted on wheels and is moved to the shower room for the duration of the wash.

Kitchen cabinet "moved" to the shower. A small wardrobe is located above it.

Things can be washed and immediately put in the closet. In the video, Ana invites you to look at the decoration of the house in detail:

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