The paralyzed bride surprised everyone by doing something at the altar that was completely expected of her.

Walking the bride to the altar is the most touching part of the wedding ceremony. And in this case, she was definitely the most emotional. 25-year-old bride named Jackie Goncher (Jaquie Goncher), who was paralyzed from neck to toes from the age of 17, surprised all guests invited to her wedding with her stunning act.

At the age of 17, Jackie Goncher suffered a spinal cord injury during the voyage, which left her paralyzed.

Doctors claimed that she could never walk again.

The first years of therapy were extremely difficult for Jackie. While playing sports all her life, she hardly understood that she could not do even the simplest exercise.

"The first time I decided to return to the gym, I decided to work out on an exercise bike.My legs were not able to pedal fast enough and nothing worked, ”the girl said.

“I was so upset that I laid my head on the bike and just started crying”

It took her a long time to find the strength and incentive to return to the gym.

“On the wedding day everyone is looking at you, so you want to feel the most beautiful. I believe that you can be a beauty in a wheelchair, but I did not want it "

When Jackie appeared at the ceremony with her mother and grandfather on each side, no one was surprised to see her in a wheelchair.

But soon all the guests were stunned when she got up and started walking down the aisle, 8 years after the incident.

Although her fiance Andy Goncher already knew about the surprise, he could not hold back his tears.

Almost everyone was crying, it was such an emotional moment!

A year ago, Jackie could not stand on her feet for 30 minutes, and on her wedding day she stood the 45-minute wedding ceremony and about 5 hours of the entire wedding reception.

The spouses literally had the first dance, as they never danced together before that.

“It was so exciting. Sometimes I don’t believe that I can walk again. ”

The girl tends to continue to work just like before the wedding, so soon she will be able to live without a wheelchair.

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