The important question: the unification of the room and the loggia

For small apartments, the question of expanding the useful living space can be very acute. Sometimes, in order to place all the necessary furniture and appliances in the kitchen, you have to abandon the loggia or balcony. Such a solution may be especially relevant for apartments where there are still loggias. If you decide on the reconstruction of your apartment, learn all the nuances and requirements of the law.

Ideal option - if the idea of ​​redevelopment came to you at the construction stage. But you can make changes to the old apartment. By joining the balcony to the kitchen you can get a spacious room in which there is enough room for the whole family.

There are two options for combining. The first is to leave part of the wall. Most often this is the area under the window sill, which is covered with a tabletop. This option is chosen by the apartment owners, who have a radiator under the window.

A more complex project involves the complete removal of the wall. Here it is necessary to carefully study the data sheet of the apartment and consult with experts.

When you combine the kitchen and balcony, you will have to design a new heating scheme for the new room.Radiators can not be placed on the part that used to be a balcony. Stove, washing machine and other appliances leave in the old part of the kitchen. It is best to use a balcony to accommodate a dining area or storage space.

Accommodation on the loggia of the sink and cooking zone will also be a good option. This is very convenient, since during the day these zones will be well lit.

Be sure to read the legal requirements for your chosen redevelopment. Contact the BTI and get a list of necessary documents and detailed instructions. Some are of the opinion that it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission, and prefer to apply for registration after redevelopment. Such an approach can face serious fines and the need to restore the original look of the apartment.

If you are planning to redevelop even during the purchase of an apartment, it should be noted that in houses that belong to architectural monuments, it is prohibited. Check all the documents, instead of believing the seller's word.

Special attention will have to be paid to the weatherization of the balcony. It is important to put good windows, to insulate the walls and floor.In some cases, it is necessary to combine external and internal insulation.

Consider installing underfloor heating in the room. Best of all, if the design covers the entire area. But we can restrict ourselves only to the part where there was a balcony.

Convenient and eco-friendly material for warming the room - cork tree. It is important to choose those materials that are well opposed to accidental ignition.

Do not save on insulation, so as not to get a cold kitchen, and sometimes an apartment.

In case of difficulties, contact the specialists who will develop a precise plan and will offer you the best redevelopment options.

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