The hottest trends in hair coloring - 2017

Today, the more complex the hair color, the higher the rating in the eyes of others. It is not surprising if it turns out that the dye industry will be one of the most profitable. Manufacturers create trends in coloring and immediately launch the means for their implementation onto the conveyor. Well, we, consumers, only submit something new.


Things reached the point that some stylists of the “hair” brands began to borrow coloring techniques from makeup artists. For example, strobe. It fits all without exception. The main requirement here - the color should play, shimmer and appear different when changing lighting. All this for the sake of one goal - to correct the shape of the face and its features, and even skin tone. Of course, visually, not literally. The very idea of ​​strobing on the hair is not new, but styling it as a fashion trend has occurred to the stylists of Wella Professional and Schwarzkopf Professional.

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In fact, such coloring is focused on a natural shade of hair, only in some places it is highlighted with artificially created dark transitions. The rules here are simple: for the result to be as close as possible to the “original” (that is, it looked natural), the light tone should be a few shades lighter than the natural tone of your strands, and the dark tone two shades darker. Most often, only the top layer of hair is dyed, but everything below the back of the head is usually not taken into account.

Smokey ombré

You have not in vain thought about smokey eyes. Any make-up artist will tell you that this type of makeup has long become a classic of the genre. So why not use this perpetual trend in hair color? Officially, the idea belongs to the stylists of the brand Redken. They decided to combine smokey eyes makeup and ombré hair dye technique. By the way, both are leaders among Internet search queries (according to Yandex Word Stat 2017). The result of this clever connection was the new trend smokey ombré. It includes steel and gray shades, smoothly turning into bright or pastel colors.

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The saturation of the color, like the hue itself, depends on the desires of the client and the instructions of the master. This technique is suitable for different clients: blondes, brunettes and redheads - which opens up unlimited opportunities for stylists to work, and to visitors to beauty salons - for transformations. Generally speaking, in terms of make-up artists, smokey ombré works according to the laws of contouring and strobe, that is, a unique play of light and shadow on the hair. Don't even try to portray something similar on your own. To master this complex technique, the masters take a special course of study, train on volunteers, and only then work with the heads of clients.

Color melting

This technique colorists jokingly compare "with the effect of melting ice cream," of course color. If you strain your imagination, then it is not difficult to imagine this tricky system of coloring: each strand is colored in two or four pastel shades that smoothly flow into each other and create the effect of a melting color on the hair. Firstly, it is beautiful and fashionable, and secondly, such a soft combination will make it possible to emphasize the shape of the haircut, the texture of the hair, and, in general, the individuality - for the sake of it all that was intended.

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The birthplace of this delicate color splendor - the United States, the country-leader in the consumption of ice cream. In our country, the trend is just beginning to take its first steps. But by spring, stylists predict him top positions in the list of the most fashionable colors.

Ask any specialist and he will tell you that the color melting technique is one of the most difficult. First, it is necessary to perfectly calculate the proportions of the dye to get the desired pastel shade. Secondly, the master must have impeccable taste, because in order to create a “melting” effect, it is necessary to choose the shades as close as possible to each other, avoiding sharp color transitions.

Therefore, before you put your head in the hands of the master, make sure that they are reliable. Ask to show a photo of several of his works and just in case, have the picture of your choice with you. For any hairdresser it is better to see once than one hundred to hear.

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