The devil begins with a foam at the mouth of an angel fighting for justice

A fine line…

It seems ... Sometimes it seems that white is a dazzling white, and you will not confuse it with anything. And black ... This is not blue and not red, it is immediately clear - this is black. With good and evil, we think the situation is the same ... And between them there is a thin, very thin line.

For example, honesty ...Commendable quality. Benefit even. It's the courage to be honest. And such a fine line ... Looking for it - insensitivity and selfishness. “You are not feminine” or “you are not good for anything” is not honesty, it is manipulation, the purpose of which is to kill the partner’s self-esteem.

Or love ...“I love” is a bright, creative feeling. The feeling of a big world and selfless giving. And the fine line ... "I love you," so I can say something that hurts. I can do everything that this phrase justifies. I can decide what you owe, because I love.

Care…When it is not, it is very much felt.She is pleasant by the fact that another adult is doing something for you ... A fine line ... And behind her is guardianship and control. Suffocation.

Adoption…Excellent attitude. A broad, prejudicial perception of another person. A thin invisible edge ... And - indifference. Be any because I do not care.

Unappreciated judgment about the world ...Ideal. The pinnacle of spiritual growth. But as soon as he decided that you were already there, he stepped over a thin line, beyond which - the assessment of another: “Well, why can't you relate to the world without your beliefs?”.

There is no abyss between good and bad, light and shadow. Even the dividing line is not. Only a thin transparent face. Permeable. Passable. Bah! - and you are already on the other side, but did not manage to track down with your consciousness.

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