The craftswoman left the office for the sake of creating mystical creatures from polymer clay

An American from Atlanta, Georgia, started her fantastic figurine business. Ten years ago she was an ordinary office worker, but she never forgot about her desire to create something beautiful. Even then, Carolina created her own small website and began to move in a creative direction, using polymer clay to create incredible mystical sculptures.

In 2008, Caroline took part in the exhibition Dragon Con Art, after which it began to gain popularity due to its sculpture of the dragon.

Two years ago, Carolina decided to quit her office job and fully immerse herself in the creative process. Such a move allowed her to devote more time to perfecting her craft. She also created illustrations for the children's book "The Adventures of the Mind."This was the first experience as a professional illustrator.

Every year, the Carolina business continues to grow, bringing a good income. She makes her sculptures unique, one-of-a-kind. As she says, she never regretted leaving her office work and doing her favorite thing.

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