The benefits and techniques of performing honey massage

Everyone knows that honey is a storehouse of useful substances. Its miraculous properties are known for a long time. Most of us use honey as a tasty delicacy, but its scope is not limited to this.

Thanks to its easy absorption by the body, this natural product is also used in traditional medicine and cosmetology. The last of which uses this beekeeping product for the manufacture of various masks, scrubs and massages.

In ancient Tibet, honey massage was popular as a means by which it was possible to make the skin silky, as well as relieve mental and physical fatigue. Nowadays, many women who actively follow their figure, know that honey is able to rid the body of accumulated harmful substances, because they include this type of procedure in the program of recovery and weight loss.

Massage treatments with honey - pleasure and benefit

The healing properties of honey are often used by well-known cosmetic brands, adding it to skin care products. What is so useful massages with this product?

  • Honey has the ability to penetrate deep into the tissues, thereby saturating them with oxygen, vitamins and biologically active substances, while improving blood flow.
  • Massage with honey is an excellent cleansing agent, so it can even be considered as one of the types of peeling. The skin after such procedures becomes smoother, and all the harmful substances accumulated under it go outside.
  • Such relaxation sessions perfectly nourish the face, body, and internal organs. Even ancient healers noted that after honey procedures, a person feels better, noting the lack of heaviness in muscles and back pain. In addition, honey with a sorbing effect, removes excess subcutaneous fat and is actively used for weight loss.

Sweet sessions - indications and cautions

Most often, the honey-based massage procedure is used in several cases:

  • For the treatment of colds. This method is rarely recommended by doctors of classical practice, but it is really effective.The warming effect of even one session will reduce coughing and improve sputum discharge.
  • Treatment of problems of the musculoskeletal system. Due to the physical impact and deep penetration of the beneficial substances that make up the honey, you can quickly relieve pain in the back and legs, thus relieving the symptoms of arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteochondrosis.
  • Strengthening immunity. The benefits of relaxing sessions help to cope with stress, depression and increase the body's resistance to various viruses.
  • Slimming This is one of the most frequent reasons why women use honey to massage the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. Active rubbing will help to cope with the "orange peel" and return the skin to its former smoothness and elasticity.

But, despite all the advantages, there are situations when such procedures need to be treated with some caution, because honey, being an allergen, may have a number of contraindications:

  • bee products allergy;
  • malignant tumors and inflammatory skin diseases;
  • gestation period;
  • chronic respiratory diseases (asthma, obstructive bronchitis);
  • diabetes (there is an erroneous opinion that the deep penetration of honey under the skin can worsen the condition of diabetics. But the real reason lies in another: during the massage there is an increased load on the vessels, which can lead to negative consequences);
  • endocrine system diseases;
  • phlebeurysm.

The choice of honey is one of the main conditions for the desired effect.

Before you start a course of massage at home, you should choose a suitable basis - honey. It is better to purchase it from beekeepers or from sellers, whose naturalness and quality of products you have no doubt.

What honey to choose depends solely on your preferences, but the most popular are lime and floral. If you notice that the product has crystallized, you should not worry, it only testifies to its naturalness.

For a comfortable procedure, it is better that the base is liquid or as plastic as possible. To do this, you can warm up the product in a water bath. In honey, you can also add a few drops of oil - eucalyptus or lavender, and with anti-cellulite massage, citrus oils will give a greater effect.

Stages of a massage session

Massage movements of this kind are quite simple, so you can easily cope with them even at home. You just need to follow several steps:

  1. Preparation. The body must be clean. Before the session, take a shower and clean the skin with a light scrub. Muscles need to warm up, so with circular rubbing and stroking movements make an easy self-massage without the use of oils and creams.
  2. Massage Warm honey mixture should be applied to the skin and rubbed until it becomes thick. After that, go to another technique - snuggling and patting. The palms should be firmly glued to the area to be massaged and alternate between sharp and smooth hands. In problem areas - buttocks, thighs, the nature of the movements may be more intense, on the rest it is better to restrict yourself with gentle delicate touches.

In the process of honey massage for the face will be enough light massaging movements. This should be done within 10-12 minutes. If everything is done correctly, after a while, gray-white flakes will begin to appear at hand. By their number you can judge the amount of harmful substances in the body.

The pinkish-red skin tone indicates that the blood flow to the problem areas has increased, and the final effect will not be long in coming.

  1. The final stage. The products of working off - honey and excess fat, as well as harmful substances that have come out, are quite toxic, so they must be washed from the body with running water. To fix the effect on the skin, apply oil or moisturizer. An excellent option would be a product based on bee products, which, due to the warming effect, will help nutrients penetrate deep into the skin. After a relaxing massage you need to relax and have a cup of green tea without sugar.

How fast will the result appear?

To the result was noticeable, you need to go through 10-12 procedures. Everything depends on the purpose of the massage and the initial state of the problem area of ​​application. To relieve stress, it will be enough once, and when fighting cellulite and excess weight, a stable effect will be observed after 15 times. Honey massage is advised to alternate with wraps that will accelerate the processes of getting rid of the body of harmful substances and extra centimeters.

Honey massage is a harmonious combination of benefit and pleasure available to everyone. Modern cosmetology considers this procedure as a universal means for struggle and prevention with various age changes and excess weight.

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