The viewers could not watch the new film by Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier brought back to Cannes the story of an unpunished serial killer named Jack (Matt Dillon), whose viewing was difficult to bear even the most loyal fans of the director. On the tickets was written Explicit violence, and this warning was justified: from the screen, blood streams literally flowed from the screen until the serial killer ruthlessly dealt with his victims, among them women and children (one of the victims was played by a muse director Uma Thurman). "One of the most unpleasant movie experiences in my life," commented Variety columnist Ramin Setudeh. In total, the Lumiere Hall left 100 people, all of them spoke of the film as "nauseating" and "disgusting" actions.

On YouTube appeared a trailer, after which you can say that the scenes are really overly realistic and repulsive. So think twice before looking.

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