Telephone Prank on April 1

Draws on the phone have always enjoyed extraordinary popularity. In fact, a telephone set is enough, the number of a friend or colleague - and a cheerful mood is provided. The main thing - to come up with the original text of the draw! And with the advent of cell phones, the range of draws has significantly expanded and for a small fee you can order for a friend, for example, a good April Fool's joke. How to play a friend on the phone? You can choose a lottery scenario for every taste.

Telephone drawings

Answering machine

So, how to separate a friend on April 1? We are dialing a phone number, introducing ourselves as a housing and utilities worker, and warning you that water will be cut off soon. It is clear that after such a call, any person will rush to take water in all suitable containers - in the bath, pans, basins. After a while, the same telephone voice can “rejoice” - the water shutdown is canceled! At the same time, the caller will advise you to engage in the launching of paper boats.

You will become a dad!

Let's say right away, this is a pretty tough rally - by phone to inform a friend (or just a friend) about the upcoming fatherhood. Here the main thing - the effect of surprise! As soon as the subscriber answers, phrases like “Well, congratulations - get ready to become a dad!” But I said - you need to be protected! ”, Pronounced in an expressive tone. As a rule, the stunned "future dad" in response to a nervous voice asks who is calling. Here, playing with indignation exclaims, “Are you kidding me ?! Well, wait at me! ”And hangs up.

The most important moment in a joke is to stop laughing when meeting a hapless dad. Such a telephone prank can be an excellent "peppercorn" of any holiday, be it a birthday, April 1 or February 23.

Tax Inspectorate

The stranger calls and with a solid voice begins the dialogue with something like this: “Hello, you are concerned about the tax inspectorate (name of the region) about the undeclared income for the past year. Immediately hand over a new tax return, otherwise you will receive penalties! ”. In this way, it is possible for some time to keep the “tax inspector” talking with the “malicious defaulter”. As an option - call on April 1 to a friend "from the prosecutor's office."

What else to organize a rally on the phone? You can think up the text yourself or use the suggestions of numerous Internet resources. In addition to oral jokes, you can play a friend on the phone by SMS, which will surely make the addressee smile.

Brutal Prank on April 1

The day of laughter is an excellent occasion not only to laugh at a good joke, but to show real acting skills. True, this will require some training, as well as materials at hand. What to arrange cruel raffles on April 1? Video-jokes will help to show imagination and creativity! It is especially interesting to make fun of a sleeping friend.

And here are some more funny “horrible” videos:

Please note that telephone pranks should not cause physical or mental harm to a person, humiliate his honor and dignity, or violate the law. In addition, it should be remembered that minor children are not allowed to independently, without the knowledge of their parents or guardians, make calls and send paid SMS.

In any case, every joke or rally should bring a good mood - especially if the role played by your friend acts. Take care of your friendship and funny jokes to you!

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