Teaser "Beauty and the Beast" broke the record views

90 million views per day, and this is not the limit - the new version of the beloved fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” beats all records of views on YouTube and in social networks. No joke, the 1.5-minute video managed to outperform even the trailer for the seventh Star Wars (which seemed just impossible yesterday, because the kiosag was viewed 88 million times in a day!).

There are several reasons for such phenomenal success. First, the new picture of Disney “Beauty and the Beast” completely repeats the plot of the eponymous animated film of 1991, which can be revised endlessly! Secondly, the main roles in the tale went to Emma Watson (beautiful Belle), who posted a teaseron his official pageon Facebook (the result is 45 million views right away!), Dan Stevens (The Beast and, if someone did not recognize, Matthew Crowley from Downton Abbey), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth's clock), Ewan McGregor (Lumiere candlestick).

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