Summer resident at hand: how to choose the right tools

At the dacha there will always be things that just need to be done: to remove the garden plot, uproot the tree and shrubs, harvest, break a flowerbed or mow the lawn. Shovels, axes, special snow scraper, hammers, ladders, saws and rakes can help to cope with all the dacha business.

But to go to the store and just buy the tool will be wrong, because it is necessary to approach the purchase wisely. Pay attention to:

Work tools cannot be light, otherwise you will have to apply several times more physical strength during work. But since we are talking about hand tools, you need to choose options that do not make your hands heavy.for exampleThe ax cleaver, due to its gravity, effectively strikes a blow. But this does not mean that with a tool weighing 2.6 kg, the summer resident will be able to chop more firewood. There is a possibility that it would be very difficult to wipe a weapon too heavy for your hands.Therefore, buying a tool in the store, hold it in your hand on the weight, assess the severity.

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