Stihi for first-graders - short, beautiful and funny texts about the school, the line and September 1


On September 1, all schools hold solemn rulers. All students are brightly and joyfully welcomed at them, but they pay maximum attention to the kids who crossed the school threshold for the first time. The director, teachers and parents dedicate the warmest parting words to them, and the graduates read short, funny, funny poems for the first-graders and supplement them with beautiful, inspired and touching wishes of good grades, kind teachers and easy, pleasant studies. Yesterday’s kindergarten students are very pleased with this attitude and are striving to join the friendly and united school fraternity as quickly as possible.

Short interesting verses for first-graders on September 1 lineup

On the eve of September 1, most of the other students worry about future first-graders. The idea that they will finally go to school, get to know the teachers and join the friendly student family, acts on the seven-year-olds joyfully and at the same time a little bit scary. To defuse the situation and distract the kids from their feelings, it’s worth picking up some short, interesting poems about the school and trying to memorize them. Being engaged in this business, the children will no longer be nervous and will begin to better understand the upcoming changes in their lives. Then the rhymed lines can be read on the solemn ruler, where all students, principal, head teacher and teachers will gather.


If a child is embarrassed to speak in front of such a large number of people, you should not strongly insist and force. It is better to offer the child to cooperate with other first-graders and to prepare a joint number, where each of the children will recite one verse of the poetic work. In this embodiment, no one will be scared and embarrassed, but the guys themselves will gradually get used to working in a team. Also, by participating in a creative room, children, for sure,get on well and then communicate in class they will be much easier and more comfortable.

Examples of short, interesting poems for first-graders on the ruler on the occasion of September 1


We are the first time today.
We go to school:
Marina and I are in the first class.
Together we are going!

We have notebooks in knapsacks,
There is not a single line in them yet.
We will gain knowledge
And study well!


I can not sit at home,
I want to play.
I want to learn more
And the first class to become.


I have a primer in my briefcase
And notebooks, and diary!
I now really
A first-class student!

Funny poems for first graders about school, students and teachers


In order for first graders to get used to school more quickly and become accustomed to a new environment, they should learn funny poems, telling about teachers, students, tests and lessons in a simple, accessible way. The rhymed lines are perfectly perceived by ear and easily remembered by almost all seven-year-olds. If the child cannot memorize the work quickly, it is appropriate to read the selected verse several times with an expression and suggest to say which words you liked most. To answer this question, the child will unwittingly have to strain the memory and the process of memorization will become more active.

Then the children will be able to recite learned poetic works at school matinees, art shows and creative contests. For a good colorful performance of the kids, you will definitely need to be encouraged with a small souvenir or a tasty present. This will be an excellent incentive for boys and girls to learn new poems about school, teachers, classroom relations and other attributes of a rich student life. In addition, the guys will perfectly train their memory and will easily begin to memorize not only short, but also long thematic works in the future.

The best funny, poetic texts about the school for students in grade 1


The problem is not solved -
kill me!
Think, think, head
hurry up!
Think, think, head,
I'll give you a candy,
I'll give you a birthday
New beretka.
Think think -
for once I ask!
With soap you wash you!
Comb it out!
We are with you
Not strangers to each other.
Help me out!
And how I will give on the top!

I read about Yegor:
- Wow and great! - scream. -
Here is a fun! Here's a scream! -
Until I drop laughing.

And I read about myself -
Something does not laugh.
And I read
About myself -
I don't want to read out loud ...


Similar tutorials to bricks
Sizes, shape and weight.
To the one who decided to get a certificate,
It is desirable to be Hercules.

I can pull myself up many times,
Charging in the morning engaged.
But the school bag bends in an arc,
As if I was going to hike.

I will not give up the bag, keep in mind!
This is out of the question.
I will become a scientist and find a way
How to make textbooks easier.

Beautiful poems and good wishes for first-graders from graduates on the line of September 1


On the solemn school lineup in honor of September 1, all students gather. According to the established good tradition, graduates are always welcome during the event for first-graders. In verses, they congratulate the newly minted students on the beginning of a new life stage and wish not to count the crows in class, study hard, look into the mouth of the teacher and not miss a single word. Only then can the program be mastered without any problems, the learning process will not cause difficulties and annoyance, parents will be delighted with good grades brought home, and teachers will be proud of their wonderful, obedient, polite and persistent students.

Such beautiful, kind words, spoken by older children, act on first-graders inspiringly and serve as a kind of motivator. Listening to the rhymed lines of the seven-year-old, they understand that there is nothing terrible at school and they start to feel more relaxed. The atmosphere of the holiday becomes more spiritual and relieves all those present. Beginners sincerely rejoice in the good attitude of adult children, and future graduates with some envy look at the first-graders, with pleasure and mild sadness remembering themselves at their age.

Congratulations on September 1 in verses from graduates to first-graders


First day - meets school,
First grader you now!
Waiting for a lot of discoveries
Interesting, believe us.

Are you sitting at the desk with a book,
And around you are friends.
Congratulations to all the kids,
Good September 1!


Happy knowledge, dear first grader!
Aspirations, joy of victory!
Let this bright, eternal holiday
In your soul will leave a mark.

May this day be with you
Share close, friends,
Let the songs sound today
For the whole country and for you!


Remember this day, my friend,
He is at school the very first;
Sings like a bell,
Calling to do business.

Let only the first class,
But the main thing it is considered,
The road to knowledge is just
From here begins!

What poems for first-graders to read on the Day of Knowledge to graduates


On Knowledge Day, graduates who have gathered at the ceremonial lineup at school have a big responsibility. They need to inspire and beautifully greet first-graders and in an easy, accessible and understandable way to tell the kids about student life and the rules of behavior in school. Best of all for this purpose will fit the good and optimistic poems dedicated to September 1 and the feast of the first bell. Texts eleventh graders need to prepare in advance. It is desirable that they were simple and sonorous, well perceived by the ear and did not contain a large number of incomprehensible words. Preference should be given to works of 2-3 verses. Too long text to seven-year-olds will be difficult to listen carefully and fully understand. But children will listen with pleasure to short verses with a clear rhythm, and then will thank high school students with sincere enthusiasm and applause.

Poems for first-graders to the Day of knowledge from graduates


You go to school for the first time,
Worried a bit.
And choose at this hour
You know the way to knowledge.

Briefcase, and form, and bouquet -
Solemnly everything is new.
And wishes, and advice
Give you all ready.

Learn to write, count, make friends.
And you can certainly
A little even to fool around
But ... only on the changes!


Our dear first-grader,
On the very first school holiday
Wish you want
A lot of joy in fate.

Knowledge is power, that is clear.
That life was beautiful,
Learn, read, learn,
Act boldly, do not be lazy!

Be smart and fun.
Let the school teach you
Think, argue and make friends,
It's bright, interesting to live!


Our dear first-grader,
You have a holiday today:
The first bell rang,
The first one is waiting for you.
Long school life way.
Remember, don't forget,
What will be successful one
Who lives his dream.
Boldly to the goal you go,
And good luck ahead!

Short poems for first graders - congratulations from September 1 from relatives and friends


September 1 is an important and responsible day for every first-grader. From this point on, the baby begins a completely new life, full of bright, interesting events and great responsibility.The child goes through the first stage of growing up, gets a basic knowledge of the world around him, learns to make decisions and work in a team. In addition, the primary school introduces the former kindergartners to the basic rules of behavior in society and instills the notion of what is "good" and what is "bad."

Children enrolled in grade 1 are well aware of the full significance of the changes taking place and are very proud of their new position. Family and friends should take this into account and encourage such a serious attitude to school, lessons and teachers in the child. The easiest way to do this is in verse to congratulate your favorite first grader on a significant event. This little pleasant surprise will show the newly minted schoolboy, with what respect relatives relate to his changed status. Even the most modest and not selfish kid will be pleased with such a touching congratulation and will remember him for a long time as one of the brightest moments of his life.

Congratulations in verse for a first grader from relatives - examples of short texts


In the first class step boldly
And a smile to the ears,
Let's wish inspiration,
The most colorful ideas.

Let everything be interesting
School, your class will surprise
The teacher should be honest,
Teaches let and fun.


You have a holiday today.
You'll take a bouquet of flowers
And go with a bouquet to school.
Here, the costume is ready.

And we congratulate you,
Hold your hand tight.
And we sincerely wish
To be an excellent student in everything.


Happy knowledge, dear first grader!
Aspirations, joy of victory!
Let this bright, eternal holiday
In your soul will leave a mark.

May this day be with you
Share close, friends,
Let the songs sound today
For the whole country and for you!

Funny and humorous poems for first-graders about school


The school requires a serious and responsible attitude to itself, but sometimes it is quite appropriate to dilute it with a kind, funny joke or funny rhyme about the difficult, but so interesting and eventful life of the students. Works of such a plan can be learned with first-graders in extracurricular activities or at some creative events. Children will remember funny rhymes with pleasure and will tell them to their friends in the yard, parents and other relatives. In such a simple way, the little ones will finely train their memory and learn how to recite melodic rhymed lines with an expression.All these skills will facilitate the comprehension of the school curriculum and will definitely be useful to children in the future when, for example, you will need to remember and read a beautiful poem of 5-6 or more verses for homework.

The best funny poems about school for students in grade 1


If you immediately start
Only the top five receive -
Houses will get used to them soon
And they will not notice.

Therefore - include brains:
Get a pair of twos,
Mom will be outraged
But do not argue, and shut up.

And then again
You can get five,
Mom will certainly
Kiss and hug.


We are today for an hour
Cleaned up a new class.
Hundred pieces of paper from the toffee
Hundred stubs and notes
Found out with us.

There were only three lessons
Not five
And not six.
How have we managed so much
Write, read and eat? !!


I was coming from school
Slowly slowly,
Everything came up with excuses.
Four nes
By nature,
And in Russian -

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