Status "Everything is complicated" is now called situationship

And now the analog rollo appeared in the English - situationship. In short, this is not a sentimental candy-bouquet period from which all unions usually start, and not the same “comfortable” sex for friendship, but the relationship-situation that is stuck in the present tense and does not move anywhere - not in the direction of the official couples, nor to parting. This is such a very familiar buffer zone for our time, where you can easily “get stuck” for several months: a certain rhythm of meetings is set up, both of you, in principle, are satisfied with everything, and none of you are eager to arouse a momentous initiative — for example, to offer to live together or, on the contrary, to declare that they are going to travel around the world for a year without contact with the world, and to disappear. Everything is decorous, noble and "well, and so will roll."

Status "Everything is complicated" is now called situationship

The times are changing, and here a joke about the fact that they have only just joined hands is really well suited - you are already dating, and now even after the tenth sex, absolutely nothing is clear. This notorious“Cityscape” was born for a reason (the first time Urbandictionary’s informal Internet dictionary defined this concept in 2014), and in response to our current demands for life. Only those who, after the first kiss, consider themselves “his girlfriend” or “her boyfriend”, have found a response from their halves and are already calling on their parents for a third date for a shish kebab. But the number of those who are not quite sure that this is a clear and responsible division into pairs is also growing objectively - this is exactly what he or she needs here and now.

The reasons for all are different: someone has too much work; it is psychologically difficult for someone to “get used to” a new person and want to try “underrelations” first; someone, after all, is only interested in sex, and only during free time from fitness and meetings with friends and girlfriends. And someone, maybe, has completely ceased to believe in love after a hard parting and is afraid to step on the same rake. All these different people with their different reasons unite the fact that around them they echo the unshakable “you need a couple”, “you should marry”, “stay alone / alone”, because our society somehow tries to be less hard to say to us, how to live.

The reaction to the "situyshenshcheng", as well as, in principle, any kind of "strange" relations (for example, the format of marriage "spouses at a distance" or free love with admission of adultery) is usually negative. Like, if it does not turn out to be anything serious tomorrow, you have to tear ropes, or else one suffers, and another uses, one falls in love like a fool, and the other will invariably remain with a broken heart. Everyone likes the scripts from Russian literature, and it is thanks to the favorite characters of the classics that many see the relationship under such a scenario: he flutters like a moth, and she crits into the ears and sobs at night when her elect does not call or write. In real life, everything is far from being so unequivocal: both can be quite happy with their easy "non-involvement" with each other, catching the buzz from almost spontaneous encounters, dabbling in separation, and then pampering themselves with passionate and unexpectedly sincere rendezvous. Yes, and it happens, although it is still hard for our man to believe that there are people living in the world who do not want to go to the pool of marriage tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow - children, a cat and a general loan for an apartment.

Status "Everything is complicated" is now called situationship

"Sityuyshenship" is perfectly suited to describe the protracted holiday romances in which, despite the predictable and irreversible end, you were still childishly happy.In addition, this phrase describes the millions of microromans that began in the tinder, when you decided to come together out of pure curiosity, just to try a new type, or even corny from boredom, because it was July in the yard, everyone went on dates, and you stayed late at work until sunset

Well, where are the signs of abnormal behavior, which you need to “treat” and “correct”? But this is precisely the reason why “non-relations” are perceived by the journals - they immediately rush to give advice on how to determine the “symptoms” of a sitewshenship in your novel and how to change things urgently. For example, they list 12 signs that you are in “underrelations”, which indicate that your half does not love you. Everything is bad, bad, because you are not talking about the future, you are not acquainted with his friends and have never traveled to IKEA together. Urgently do something, or you will meet the end of the world in solitude! But how to look at it: there are also many “real” couples who do not make plans longer than for the evening, do not buy furniture every month and prefer cozy meetings for two to all these noisy booths. Will these “non-relations” turn into a long-running novel in your case? Who knows ... But to worry about this is not an excuse to miss all the happy moments.

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