Stairs in the interior of the house

Stairs in the interior of the houseStairs in the house - it's not just a way to climb the upper floor of the stairs. Modern staircase is an opportunity to give the interior of any house or apartment originality and exclusivity, here, for example, you can familiarize yourself with a huge choice of stairs and, if you wish, purchase them. In order for it to fully fulfill this dual role, it is of utmost importance to consult an experienced expert in its manufacture before installing it.

Importance of the right choice of design

As a rule, this design is installed once and for all. You can change the decoration of rooms, change furniture, change the entire stylistic orientation of the interior of the house, but the staircase remains deprived of all these innovative activities. Hence the conclusion that it can be attributed to the elements of capital construction, and, accordingly, there is a need for an extremely thoughtful design. A design that pleases the eyes of more than one generation of owners. It should correspond to the whole stylistic orientation of the general interior of the house.

Materials for production

The interior of the mansions with an exclusive finish requires a staircase of special quality and unique execution. This design, in addition to its practical tasks, will be able to emphasize the unique individuality of the taste of the owners of the house, as well as their status. In this case, here we are talking about skillful products of cabinetmakers who work with precious tree species that use artistic forging of metal of the highest level of professionalism for decoration of the railing.

People of moderate means may be advised to use less expensive materials for the manufacture of stairs. It can be oak, linden, larch, pine. Such types of wood, opened with high-quality lacquer coatings, look very aesthetically pleasing and have a long service life. Stairs made of forged metal and opened with a special varnish, will look solid and elegant.

Proper design

In addition to the aesthetic beauty of the stairs should have optimum practical value. They should be as comfortable as possible in operation, because for many people, climbing the stairs is quite a challenge.In this question, the most important role is played by the correct calculation of the parameter of the steps. According to generally accepted average parameters, the interstage span width should be equal to the step width, i.e. 500-600 cm. The height of the step should vary from 250 to 350 cm. This figure is optimal for people of any height. The most comfortable width of the flight of stairs is the indicator of 1 m. Stairs can be swivel and screw, depending on the needs.

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