Stages of conflict

The conflict of two people occurs if at least one of the parties defines the situation as conflict. An offended person can keep anger in herself for quite a while, but sooner or later she will make herself known.

Three stages of conflict

What could cause a conflict? It is human nature to strive for something, to want something. Quite often, the wishes of several people are the same. The first stage of the conflict begins with this. If people want to achieve the same thing, they enter into an unconscious conflict. Only one can achieve its goal.
When one of them realizes this, the conflict begins, the second stage begins. Two possible scenarios appear: people try to prevent conflict in different ways, or they switch to conflict behavior. The last option is the third stage of the conflict.
Such behavior is aimed at preventing the opponent from achieving the goal and at the same time realizing his own aspirations. The actions of opponents depend on the degree of destructiveness of the conflict.Open confrontation is exacerbated by emotions that people express, which in turn reinforces this confrontation. It turns out a vicious circle, from which it is not easy to escape.
At the third stage of the conflict, several scenarios are possible. The first and least constructive - the continuation of the conflict. In the second case, one of the parties is trying to get out of the conflict situation on its own initiative, explaining this by the lack of its ability to achieve the goal. The third option is negotiation. People make concessions to smooth the conflict. If the negotiations are successful and the parties are satisfied with the decisions made, the conflict will exhaust itself.
All of the above stages take place in the working team of any company where conflicts periodically arise. It is impossible to completely eliminate them, but the number of conflict situations can be minimized due to the constant work of the authorities with their subordinates.

Ways to resolve conflicts

There are several ways to resolve conflicts. Negotiation of the parties - the most effective way.In this case, complete or at least partial reconciliation can be achieved. The latter takes place if the conflicting behavior of the parties is eliminated, but not the cause of the conflict. Because of this, the flames of hostility may flare up again after some time.

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