Some secrets you need to know if you are going to buy a ring

Diamonds for many years are considered symbols of luxury and proof of true love. But if 100 years ago gems were used not only as a decoration, but as a safe investment of capital. Today, due to the increasing scale of gem mining, the situation has changed. Therefore, first of all, buying jewelry, be guided by your own taste and fashion trends.

To the selected stone for a long time pleased you, and perhaps even become a family heirloom, make sure that the decoration with him was at the right time. You can choose the right size with the help of special size rings in any jewelry salon. If the size of the finger has changed - be sure to reduce or increase the ring. Otherwise, it will either fall off the finger, which increases the likelihood of loss of jewelry, or will lie in the box.

Gemstone options

See the main characteristics of precious stones. It is not only the size (which is measured in carats), but also the purity of the stone, the color, and also the cut.

The appearance of jewelry

Stones of different sizes create completely different images. A large stone will not necessarily be much more expensive than a smaller one, since it may be inferior to it in other parameters. Smaller diamonds look more elegant. If you want a not very large, but expensive stone - pay attention to its purity.

The shape of the cut can be different

Diamonds and other gems can have not only the usual round, or, as jewelers say, radial shape. In order to preserve the size of the stone as much as possible, sometimes other facets are selected during processing.

Glitter is not always an indicator of the value of a stone

In the old days, jewelers often sought to emphasize the color of the stone, rather than achieve maximum brilliance. Therefore, vintage and antique stones, with a European cut, can be inferior modern in its radiance. This parameter does not affect the price of the stone. Modern stones, having a pointed bottom shape, reflect light better, even with less clarity.

Rosa cut will allow to buy a large stone at a lower price

Such a stone will have less brilliance, but due to the flat faceting without a pointed bottom, its size, and hence the price will be less. Do not have to save on cleanliness.

Diamonds can be not only white

The habitual transparent type of stone, although it is more common, is not the only acceptable. Minerals of this species can be pink, yellow and even gray! And this feature does not make them less valuable.

Semiprecious stones can look in jewelry no less impressive.

Replace an expensive diamond can be semi-precious analog. The decorations look great quartz of various colors, tourmalines and morganity.

And among the gems you can find not too expensive options.

Traditionally, in addition to diamonds, such stones as emeralds, rubies, sapphires and alexandrites, as well as natural pearls, are also considered precious. In extreme cases, one can prefer artificial stones.

Semiprecious stones are also highly valued.

You can choose an option to your taste.

A halo of smaller stones beneficially emphasizes a larger stone. A great way to get a gorgeous ring without spending too much.

The frame emphasizes the color and purity of the stone.

It is worth paying attention to the sample of gold, and to the material that serves as the basis of the alloy. Pink, pure or white gold creates completely different images. Gold of different samples does not look the same.

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