So this is why fingers scowl in the water! In life, I would not guess ...

Each of us from early childhood knows that from a long stay in the water, the skin on your fingers begins to frown. For example, when I was young, my parents allowed me to bathe in the bathroom until the fingers were covered with wrinkles. They said that since the fingers had already swelled from the water, it was time to get out. But is it really so?

At first, scientists really explained this phenomenon in this way. In their opinion, due to the absorption of moisture, the area of ​​the upper layer of the skin increased, while the lower layers remained the same size. And supposedly because of this, our skin went in waves.

But this version had several flaws. After all, if our skin really absorbed moisture, then the whole body would be covered with wrinkles, not just the fingers. In addition, in 1935 several doctors noticed that in patients with damaged nervous systems, the skin did not wrinkle from the water. Therefore, an explanation of this phenomenon must be sought in the field of neuroscience.

The doctors concluded that wrinkling of the skin on the fingers and toes is an involuntary reaction of the body to a long stay in the water. But what exactly is this reflex caused by?

Scientists and biologists believe that this reaction of the body was developed in the process of evolution. Thus, nature has taken care that the person has the best adhesion to various wet surfaces.

The wrinkled skin plays a role of a unique protector on tires. Due to the wrinkles increases the density of adhesion to the surface. So it is much easier for a person to catch fish in water or to move on wet grass.

And although we have not walk barefoot for a long time, and we take wet objects (for example, while washing dishes) with rubber gloves, this reflex is still useful. The next time you take a shower or bath, pay attention to the fact that a piece of wet soap is much easier to hold when your fingers become wrinkled.

This is how mother nature made sure that a person could adapt to various conditions as best as possible. If this information came as a surprise to you, then be sure to share it with your friends.

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