SMS with Easter 2017 for relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances - beautiful texts in verses and prose. Funny, funny greetings for Easter Christ


Short, beautiful sms-congratulations with the Passover of Christ in prose and funny, funny messages in verse are an excellent variant of a holiday greeting for close relatives, friends, acquaintances and colleagues at work. Kind, sincere and warm lines sent to the phone, raise the mood and give a lot of positive emotions to all who receive them on the day of the Bright Resurrection of Christ. In the texts, in addition to the most joyous phrases praising the Divine Miracle, there are also very tender, touching wishes of love, happiness and prosperity, which are always well received by every person, regardless of age, gender and social status.

Sms with Easter 2017 - short, beautiful congratulations for relatives

For relatives and close people for Easter 2017 you need to prepare the most gentle, beautiful and touching greeting words. Of course, it's better to say them in person, but if this is not possible, you can send text to your mobile phone as a short SMS message. It will be immensely pleasant for dear person to receive your sincere and warm holiday greetings on the day of a beautiful celebration. And it is not at all important how you decide to express your feelings - in verse or prose. The most important point will be the sincerity, optimism and warmth with which you will fill the solemn appeal. Therefore, do not hide your bright emotions and do not be afraid of too flowery phrases. The bright Resurrection of Christ fully admits the sublime and even a little pathetic style of both oral and written congratulations. According to the wishes, too, there are no restrictions. It is quite appropriate on this day to wish the relatives good health, personal happiness, family well-being and harmony in all life spheres. The old tributes claim that on Easter Sunday, God hears every word spoken on earth, and necessarily fulfills what the faithful are asking him to do.

Easter card

Beautiful sms for Easter for relatives in prose


Here comes the bright Sunday of Christ - the most joyful Orthodox holiday! Let the Easter lunch in your house be generous and rich! Let the lush Easter cake and bright Easter eggs become a symbol of goodness, peace and prosperity!


Let your house be filled today with the flavor of cakes and all kinds of goodies, because this is the smell of wealth and well-being. Let your souls be filled with light and love, for these are symbols of God's Grace. Happy holiday, dear ones! Christ is risen!


Great Easter, spring is a time of rebirth and transformation. Let your soul and body be filled with light, positive and happiness. Let everything in your life change for the better - the bad will remain in the past, and ahead lies love, success and pleasant gifts from heaven. Happy holiday.

Touching Easter sms in verse


Happy Easter, congratulations.
I want strong health.
Live without need, without misfortune
In love and happiness for many years!


Bell ringing carries
Good news to the heavens.
Happy Easter, I congratulate all.
I wish you happiness! Christ is risen!


Happy Easter to you all.
I wish you peace in the house,
Hope, faith and love,
Good days just ahead.

Short, funny sms with Easter in verse to a friend


It is appropriate to congratulate a friend, friend, co-worker or neighbor on the entrance with Easter for a short text message of cool content. Funny and funny rhymed lines will surely appeal to you and will lift your spirits even to the most restrained, serious and strict person, who is used to always hide his emotions and feelings. However, choosing the text of funny text messages, it should be remembered that Easter is primarily a great religious holiday and too frivolous phrases with double meaning and meaningful hints on such a day are not very appropriate, especially when it comes to congratulating people of more solid age. It is better to send a dear person a simple, cheerful quatrain filled with joy, bright hopes, warmth and optimism. Such a sweet and touching sign of attention will be greeted with favor and will always remain in your memory for a long time. After all, every person, regardless of age, gender and social status, is pleased to receive good, sincere congratulations and good, beautiful wishes on the day of the celebration.


Easter came to visit -
Let's get to the heap!
On the table, the cake is sparkling -
Smooth side attracts.

Not for nothing is open Cahors -
To have a heartfelt conversation
Long this holiday lasted,
Everyone is keen to celebrate!


Put more cheeks,
I'll kiss you!
After all, today is the feast of Easter -
Feast of faith and good!

May it always be happy
Your kind face.
From me you a gift -
This is a red egg!


The post made you lose weight
Do not look at the sausage,
On sour cream and cottage cheese,
But he is very dear to us, but Easter came to help,
Post passed, hello, sausage,
Congratulations! Congratulations!
Easter is happy to meet you!

SMS with Easter of Christ 2017 in verses for friends and colleagues


On Easter Day, in no case should we forget about our close and distant acquaintances and colleagues. All these people must be congratulated on a wonderful holiday and wish all the best of life, health, happiness and family well-being. Of course, it’s physically impossible to personally greet such an amount of people, but it will be quite possible to send everyone a short SMS on Easter 2017. This process will not take much time, especially since almost all phones have the function of group distribution and allow sending several messages to different numbers at once.

For this purpose, short, lively and optimistic texts of Easter greetings in verses are best suited. They fit well into the format of SMS messages and contain a pleasant holiday greeting, good wishes and a charge of excellent mood. The inspired, quivering and sublime rhymed lines received on a bright day penetrate the very heart and remain there for a long time, reminding the person of your sincere affection, good attitude and respect.

Let luck go ahead,
Gives the world only bright colors
Let nothing stand in the way
On the bright holiday of the divine Easter!


The cloth is white, a candle, aroma from a cake.
Cagor pours in a glass - drink a little - persuasion!
Colorful eggs and smiles of bright faces.
Happy holiday! Christ is risen! Kindness! Love! Miracles!


Holy Resurrection has come!
How calm and light in my heart!
May life be joyous and generous!
Full of warmth, hope and good!

Gentle and sublime SMS with Easter 2017 in prose


If you need to congratulate 2017 on older people, select for them tender, sublime and quivering SMS messages in prose.Elderly relatives and acquaintances in years will be pleased and flattering to read on a beautiful holiday 2-3 beautiful phrases announcing the divine miracle that happened - the Resurrection of Christ. Do not forget to complete the congratulations with the most sincere, kind and touching wishes of good health, happiness, mutual understanding and prosperity. These words will become the most pleasant and significant gift for the elderly, who are much more appreciative of the attention and care of the younger generation than any material benefits.


Christ is Risen! With a holiday of you, with updating, wonderful clarification. Let your souls and hearts rejoice, and all around is reborn, filled with new special light. I wish you health and God's blessing!


On this radiant day of universal goodness and pure light, I wish you true good. Happy Easter! May your well-being not leave your home, may the kindest and lightest hopes ever live under its roof.


Congratulations on the wonderful Easter holiday of Christ! I wish you with all your soul to feel the heavenly grace, may your life become brighter and more beautiful from today!

The kindest and most beautiful SMS greetings on Easter to all

Good and beautiful SMS greetings on Easter can be sent to anyone who wants to please and greet on the day of a beautiful, bright holiday. In this way, you will show your family, relatives, friends and acquaintances that you always remember them and really want everything to go well in their lives. Do not skimp on sincere, kind words and do not save emotions. The brighter, more joyful and optimistic the greeting will be, the more harmonious and warm your relations will become.


On the Day of Christ's Resurrection
Let the fun come to your house
The smell of fresh cakes,
Church sound, laughter of children.
At the wide table let
Meet all guests your home.
Grace will come down from heaven.
Happy Easter to you! Christ is risen!


Christ is truly risen!
On a beautiful, bright Easter holiday
May the world be full of wonders
Goodness, love, warmth and affection!

All your good wishes
Let the Lord turn into reality,
And all the sorrow and suffering
Creeps down the wind like dust!


Bells are ringing everywhere,
The ringing is heard right up to heaven.
Everyone says: "A miracle happened!"
Sounds everywhere: “Christ is risen!”

Happy Easter, congratulations!
Live in harmony with yourself.

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