We are smiling at all 32 over the joke about dentists: TOP-9 toothy jokes!


Photo source: pixabay.com

Are you afraid of dentists? What do you know about real fear! Only last year, the dentists managed to catch the Englishwoman, who had avoided meeting with them for 10 years. Pf, you say, 10 years - yes, maybe her teeth are just healthy? But no, ladies and gentlemen! The true lady was just very afraid to visit the dental doctor, therefore, when she had another incisor (and there were many of them in 10 years) - she glued it with superglue to the gums and other teeth! Whether this lump of glue with teeth turned out to be chewed, history is silent, but 10 years later it became obvious that life hacking did not justify itself. The lady was forced to surrender to the monsters, where the carefully preserved teeth were removed and implants were installed in their place. For her money, of course. Behindallher money.

Okay, enough about sad things.

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