Sleepy life hacking: how to effectively cheer up during a break at work

If you work in the office from 10 am to 6 pm, then you most likely wondered how many times to cheer up in the middle of the day, when your eyelids feel heavy, and with your nose you involuntarily reach for the keyboard to lie down on it, like on a soft pillow. You can even bring yourself to your senses and rejuvenate in 15 minutes - you don’t have to go home because of irresistible fatigue. Catch a few tips that might come in handy!


Physical activity

Just imagine - your body practically in the same pose performs the same actions for 8 hours. For your body, this is just a signal to coma, and it definitely will not thank you. Blood clots due to sedentary work, weight gain, risk of ischemic diseases. Should I list the possible diseases?

Therefore, do not let your muscles atrophy, even if you are forced to stay in the office for 8 hours.Once an hour, you must move and give a signal to your body that you are alive, and he will thank you with a charge of energy.

Daytime sleep

In kindergarten, it’s not just a quiet hour for children. Similar practices and top managers in China. Just fifteen minutes of daytime sleep will make you a new, born again person. The main thing - to do it not in the workplace, so as not to anger the boss. And somewhere in the car. And it is also very important not to oversleep for half a day, so ask a colleague to wake you up or set up an annoying alarm clock.


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Oxygen for the body in moderation acts invigorating, and therefore, instead of staying with colleagues near the cooler, you can walk around the building or in the nearby park. Good mood exactly guaranteed!

Good guy

Yes, yes, stay a little nice guy and go to the nearest coffee shop for coffee for yourself, colleagues and the boss. Get a charge of caffeine, thanks to colleagues and, perhaps, even a premium at the end of the month for raising a good mood in the team.

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