Simple 12 V LED tube

Probably, many people had a problem when they chose to spend the night in nature, and it was dark around, because the light from the fire is not enough for a modern person to feel comfortable For these purposes, you can make an LED lamp that will run on a 12 volt battery.

Required materials and tools for work

Materials will need:
  • A piece of ordinary plastic pipe with a diameter of 20 mm is perfect for making a case.
  • LED strip on a self-adhesive base. Even small sections can be used in the course if they are left from previous works. To do this, it is enough to connect them in series with wire and soldering or using special clips.
  • Silicone sealant.
  • Insulation tape.
  • Wire, screw terminal blocks, 12 V connector and other materials for making electrical connections.
Required tool:
  • Any tool availablesuitable for slitting plastic pipe.
  • Soldering iron and solder.
  • Screwdriver set.
  • Pliers, wire cutters and other assistants tool.

Making an LED tube lamp

First you need to decide on the size of the lamp. The length of the required PVC pipe and LED strip depends on it. The body of the lamp is cut from a plastic pipe. You can use a small grinder, sharp side cutters or any other tool with which you can cut plastic. This should be the case.
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
Please note! The ends near the tube (approximately 50-100 mm) are left intact to make the structure rigid and shaped. After the pipe is cut, the edges of the cut must be treated first with coarse, then fine emery paper to remove the plastic burrs and make the edges smooth. The next stage is working with the electric part of a home-made lamp. The approximate procedure for assembling an LED lamp is as follows. COne end of the LED strip connects the power connector. You can use any type of plug connection. The example shows the use of the so-called aviation plug, to which wires were soldered. The wires and terminal connections for the battery are soldered to the second part of the plug.
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
Tip! If you need to connect several pieces of LED strip, you can do this with the help of convenient clamping connectors and a conventional screw terminal block. You can also use this method if you need to connect additional lighting to the finished luminaire.
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
The advantage of using LED strips is that all LEDs are powered from the tracks going inside the tape,therefore, there is no need to lay additional wires. When all electrical connections are made, it remains to unfold and align the tape in the improvised ceiling, then carefully peel off the protective strip from the adhesive strip and glue the tape to the plastic.
Simple LED tube lamp
To connect the next segment of the lighting system, the connecting wire with a terminal block at the end is passed through the side opening in the pipe. The end openings of the pipe are filled with silicone sealant. This filling has two functions:
  1. Seals electrical connections securely.
  2. Fixes the wire in the correct position.
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
Simple LED tube lamp
That's it, after the final drying of the sealant, the LED lamp is ready! You can make several of these fixtures and, if necessaryincrease the power of lighting to connect several segments into one system. Such a lamp can be taken with you to nature, used in a garage or a workshop, when electricity is turned off.

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