Sights of the amazing city of Pilsen

If you love to be in new unusual places, then be sure to go to the city of Pilsen. Even its name is unique, and staying in it will give you a lot of positive emotions!

What is this city?

Pilsen is the fourth largest and largest city in the Czech Republic. It is an important cultural, administrative, industrial and commercial center, located not far from the capital of the state of Prague and founded by King Vaclav II himself.

How to move around the city?

If you decide to explore the historical part of the city, then it is best to walk on it. And if you need to overcome an impressive distance, then use public transport, its network in Pilsen is very developed. You can choose a trolley bus, tram or bus. By the way, you can buy a travel ticket for one day, which is sometimes very convenient.

Where is theto get tired?

Hotels in Plzen are very numerous, and most of them are concentrated in the central part of the city.Prices are different and depend on the “star”, as well as on the location (the farther from the center, the lower the cost of living), but they are still quite affordable and democratic, especially if compared with the capital ones. In addition, in almost all hotels conditions are comfortable. And if you want to save money, you can find a guest house and rent a room in it.


Pilsen is a very beautiful city, and it can be seen even in the photo. It is located in the valley of the confluence of four rivers, which form one large called Beruonka. There are a lot of forests, so this place is clean and pleasant to relax. The air is minimally polluted, so you can safely breathe deeply. A stunning scenery will bring a special aesthetic pleasure.


The climate of Plzen is mild, the weather is quite pleasant. The summer here is quite hot, the temperature at this time of the year can reach 30 degrees during the day, but at night it usually drops to 20-22. In winter it is rather cold here, but it is wet.

The temperature usually ranges from 5-7 degrees below zero, but sometimes it can drop to -15 and even -20, but this happens very rarely. Precipitation is very abundant and can fall even in the driest months, which are July and August. But the sun here is enough.


What to see the tourist who came to the city of Pilsen? There are many interesting and noteworthy places here:

  • Republic Square is the central and most important square of the city, which is also the largest in all of Europe. Around this place are several beautiful historical buildings. In addition, here you can see sculptures and figured fountains.
  • Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. The height of its tower is about 102 meters! And if you overcome the 301 steps, you can climb to the observation deck.
  • If you are planning a vacation in Pilsen, then by all means visit the historical caves. They are located under the very center of the city and represent numerous corridors with wells and even rooms. Once they were used to store food and water from a water tower, and today they are just reminded of those old times.
  • The Great Synagogue is considered to be the third largest in the world and the second in Europe. There are still services in part of this grand building, and concerts are held in the rest of the premises.
  • The West Bohemian Museum is considered the largest in the city. It contains the largest collection of weapons.In addition, here you can get an idea about the era of the late Renaissance.
  • Scientific center "Techmania". Here are collected a variety of technological advances, unique interactive inventions, as well as compositions built on the laws of physics. It's very interesting here!
  • Puppet Museum. Here you can see fancy dolls.
  • Museum of monsters. His exhibits are based on Czech fairy tales, whose characters look very unusual.
  • If you want to get acquainted with classical Czech art, then go to the West Czech Gallery.
  • The Town Hall is a real symbol of Pilsen.
  • Be sure to check out the local zoo, it will be interesting for both children and adults. On the territory you can find the rarest and most amazing representatives of the fauna. In addition, you can go to the botanical garden or in "Dinopark", in which the figures of dinosaurs.
  • Be sure to head to the brewing museum. Here you will learn what and how Czech beer is brewed, as well as how to drink it properly.

What to do in Pilsen?

So, what should every tourist who comes to Pilsen have to do?

  • Walk the entire historical part of the city.It does not take a lot of time and effort, but you can learn the history of this amazing place and get a lot of pleasant emotions.
  • Try local beer, as well as other varieties of Czech foam drinks. But do not overdo it! Although a truly high-quality beer (and there is simply no other in the Czech Republic) does not cause severe intoxication and hangover.
  • Be sure to visit all the museums, each of them deserves special attention. Absolutely all the exhibits are amazing and interesting.
  • Pilsen is a resort for connoisseurs of beauty and lovers of a measured life, so be sure to enjoy the local nature, it is unique and fascinating.
  • View the city from a bird's eye view. This can be done by climbing to the observation deck of the Gothic Cathedral of St. Bartholomew. Great views from here!
  • If you want to freshen up and swim, then go to the Bolevets ponds. The water in them is incredibly clean. And here lovers of outdoor recreation and yachting often gather.
  • If you go to Plzen in the fall, be sure to visit the famous Pilsner Fest festival in all of the Czech Republic, which takes place here every year.


Czech cuisine is pretty colorful, but not too complicated, so you'll definitely like it. In general, it is a mixture of traditional local dishes, as well as some borrowed. They are all very nutritious, they are prepared mainly from meat, and fatty.

A side dish is usually served with a variety of cereals, potatoes, cabbage. Also here are very fond of cheese, especially smoked. But in Plzen there are a variety of restaurants in which customers are invited to taste both traditional classic Czech snacks, such as roasted pork knuckle, fried cheese or hermelin, and dishes from different cuisines of the world.

As for drinks, the Czech Republic is famous, of course, for beer. By the way, the city of Pilsen is the birthplace of the world-famous Pilsner Urquell beer.


In the historic part of the city there is a great variety of shops, shops and boutiques, where you can buy interesting gizmos. Be sure to buy quality Bohemian glass here, because Pilsen is the center of Western Bohemia.

Let the trip be remembered and give only the most vivid impressions!

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