Siamese cat

Siamese cat - one of the most common breeds in the world. It has a specific color, which is its hallmark - it is a darker tone of the ears, face, paws and tail (color-point). In this article, the most tell all about this breed.



The origin of the Siamese cat



Siamese cat has a very ancient origin. The exact place and time of appearance of this breed is still a mystery. About Siamese cat folded many legends. Cats came to Europe from Siam at the end of the nineteenth century. Before that, cats were never taken out of the country and were considered a national treasure. Cats lived in royal families and in temples. They were idolized, worshiped, jealously guarded from strangers. Cats were indispensable participants in religious ceremonies. No records of breed development have been preserved. The history of the modern Siamese cat began in 1884. Then the British consul received the cats as a gift from the King of Siam and brought them to England. It is these cats that are the progenitors of all Siamese living in Europe.Later, cats of this breed spread throughout the world. The first breed standard was established at the beginning of the twentieth century, and in the fifties of the last century a modern standard was adopted.


Siamese cat is average in size, it has strong bones, a muscular and slender body, it has grace and grace. The head of a small Siamese cat has a pronounced wedge-shaped shape. Ears are a continuation of the side of the head. The tip of the nose and the tips of the ears form an equilateral triangle. The nose is straight, the profile without deepening from the nose to the forehead. The middle chin is not massive and not weak. The ears are very large, wide at the base and pointed at the ends. The eyes are almond-shaped, of medium size. The outer corners of the eyes are located much higher than the inner corners. Eye color - from blue to blue. Color saturation is welcome. The limbs of a Siamese cat are proportional, long. Hind legs longer than the front. Paws are oval in shape and small in size. The tail is thin, long, narrowed to the tip. The hall on the tail, once considered a sign of highbreeding, in fact, is a genetic defect and leads to disqualification. Color in the form of dark spots on the face, ears, paws and tail.Stains on the muzzle should not connect with spots on the ears. The coat is short, smooth, fitting and unusually pleasant to the touch.


In our time, the color of Siamese cats is very diverse. The presence of dark spots on the muzzle, ears, paws and tail remains unchanged. This color is called "color-point", but it has several options. The most common is considered to be a force point - a soft cream or light brown basic background and dark brown spots. This color is considered a classic, it is with him, most of us associate the Siamese breed of cats. In addition to this color, there are the following combinations of the main color and point: light blue - dark blue, yellowish white - dark brown, white - purple-gray, cream - red, white - light cream. All of the above colors can have points with a pattern: striped or tortoise.


Siamese kitty character



Siamese cats - owners of a rather complicated character. They are wayward, independent and obstinate. Siamese cats are temperamental, energetic, love games, they have a strongly developed hunting instinct. At the same time, they are very intelligent, sociable, adore their master, are strongly attached to him and follow him everywhere.They are so sweet that they can sometimes seem intrusive. With due care will pay good and loyalty. In no case can you offend Siamese cats, and you can only punish them for justice, otherwise a sensitive cat will remember the offense for a long time. Siamese cat loves to be the center of events, she has a great need for communication. After returning home after a long absence, you just need to spend as much time with her as possible: play and give a tasty delicacy. Siamese cat can afford to give voice and release claws in case of disagreement with the actions of the owner. She wants the owner to consider her opinion. This is one of the most "talkative" cats. Her voice is very different from the meowing of other cats. Siam woman is not only the most talkative, but also the loudest cat. She is able to change the timbre and pitch of the voice depending on the situation: from a subtle mournful meow to a nasty howl. The cat is very jealous and does not allow the presence of other animals in the house. To other people, the Siamese cat is mistrustful. Siamese cats are like dogs in their loyalty, curiosity and love for the owner.Representatives of this breed are easy to train, which is not typical for most cats. The owner of a Siamese cat must have patience in order to endure its increased activity, mobility, demandingness and obstinacy. [yandex1]


Caring for this breed



Siamese cats are distinguished by quite good natural health. To the animal lived a long and happy life, the owner must provide him with the proper care. A cat needs a balanced and varied diet. Eyes require special attention. Healthy discharge from the eyes must be removed with clean tampons. Strong discharge from the eyes is a signal about the development of any disease, in this case you should contact your veterinarian. Ears should be monitored constantly in order not to trigger possible diseases. Healthy ears should be periodically cleaned with a clean swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide and instilled ear drops for prevention, which the specialist will advise. Wool Siamese cat does not require special care. As a rule, shorthair cats can take care of their fur coat. However, it is advisable to scratch the cat to get rid of hair falling into the cat's stomach and from unnecessary cleaning in the apartment. Siamese cats have a feature to darken over time.It is believed that the darkening of the coat contributes to the cold. It is important that the cat was kept in a warm and dry room, try to avoid drafts.

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