Should we re-start relations with the former

Reason for parting

The history knew many successful alliances, which either have such a tradition of “converging-parting”, and it rests on terribly temperamental characters, or for some stupid reason, they dispersed on emotions, without carefully weighing everything and without pondering. But the wise life later collided with not “your” people, you were horrified by your blasphemous antics in the past and decided to change your mind. Then it is likely that you will still have a happy ending, because you checked your doubts and made sure that you were wrong. But most importantly, they realized the value of the relationship through absurd loss.

Should we re-start relations with the former

It is quite another thing to run to the sides for a serious reason. Peel, brawled, brawled, insulted, did not appreciate, constantly changed, crushed emotionally and did not respect - this is only the tip of that iceberg of significant family problems, for which to return back is utter nonsense. Most likely, not with the best hand your ex showed himself for quite a long time, so that you have already drunk this cup.Some diverge extremely heavily to the accompaniment of insults, slap in the face, even with the release of valuable or just personal things in the window - neighbors for joy.

Reason for returning

If it was so, then your ex - frankly problematic. So, the crowds of eagles who desire such a miracle, so aggressive, narcissistic, and close-up have not attacked. It is unpleasant to realize that some women turned out to be smarter and recognized the flawed potential of relations with such a present. A man stands with open arms, and no one swims in them. Shock, punch and pain! And naturally, the subsequent instant choice, how to live further, is done not in favor of one’s own changes for the better, but in favor of returning to where everyone has endured.

Accustomed to simpler paths, the man chooses the one that leads to your front doors. The poor man will visit him, how sick he is without you, about awareness and wisdom he will learn a couple of times in the hope that the common past on your scales is more important than the truth.

Do not take back into the house those who did not respect and did not appreciate before. Such men, as soon as the fifth point is warmed up, again with the confidence in their status acquire the former unflattering qualities. And you will re-enter on the same rails, walk a path, perhaps even worse than before.Then you will have to scrape away the dignity of asphalt and lick fresh wounds again.

Well-deserved last chance

But there are other situations where in all respects a man was good and nice, but he took it and stumbled, not understanding why and what everything would lead to. But you turned out to be from the party of those who did not forgive such mistakes, did not find the strength to relieve the pain from the betrayal, and took the broom out of the house, closing their ears in response to apologies and male pleas. But comrade, as life has shown, is not appeasing and does not disappear from the horizon, and that ill-starred curses the day and wipes the asphalt near your house. In a word, it does not give up, but at the same time it acts, it proves in deed that such a mistake in life will never happen again! That is, he does not fill up your headache, but manages to help a man, even at a distance, does not throw and does not forget children, offers help and sincerely tries to solve your problems. And at the same time does not disappear from the radar, if you, capricious, decided to take offense long enough.

Should we re-start relations with the former

The one who proves by deed, and does not mutter for the sake of your pity, really deserves a second chance and your attempt to forget resentment from the past,turn the page and start beautifully and again! Be sure to forgive and return the one with whom your life becomes radically more comfortable and happier, the one with whom it was really easy and easy before.

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