Sharon Stone has laid out the "Basic Instinct" screen test

No, there is no frank interview or news about the shooting of the continuation of the “Basic Instinct” in the lead role with Sharon Stone is not and is not expected (at least, we do not know anything about this). It’s just that the actress was flooded with memories, and she decided to share with her followers on Instagram and Twitter a short recording from the screen test for the role of the beautiful and dangerous Catherine Tramell.

One minute video takes us to the early 90's to prove that the director of the "Basic Instinct" simply did not have a chance to refuse Stone. On the test drive the scene Sharon had to pair not with the main actor Michael Douglas, but with the director himself Paul Verhoeven. And it seems that the game of the young actress did not leave him indifferent.

Sharon Stone (@sharonstone)Aug 9 2017 PDT at 4:12

Some time after the picture was released, Sharon admitted that in fact it was not all that simple. At the sample she was invited by luck. “I was offered the role after about 13 actresses refused it.So, seeing me, no one shouted for joy: "Here it is! We found who we were looking for!" Everything was much more prosaic, from the “Well, maybe, maybe,” series, - Sharon was shy.

Like the fans of the actress who fell asleep on Instagram with enthusiastic comments on the video, we do not doubt the talent of Sharon Stone and do not imagine anyone else as the fateful writer.

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