Sex during pregnancy is possible

Sex during pregnancy can be photo

Many women and their husbands are interested in the question - is it possible to have sex during pregnancy? Some doctors have the answer to this question: “No sexual activity during pregnancy!” In fact, this is not a rule enshrined in practice, but rather prejudice and unwillingness to change one's views.


Is it possible to make love during pregnancy



Numerous studies have shown that having sex during pregnancy is not only possible, but also useful. This is an excellent physical and moral preparation for childbirth. Moreover, in most women during pregnancy increases sexual desire. The reason for this - increased hormonal activity and an increase in blood flow to the pelvic region. Sexual contact does not prevent a healthy pregnancy. Even before the very birth it will not attract any problems.


Some worry that "it hurts the baby." In fact, the baby is well protected by the amniotic fluid and the fluid that is in it.A slimy plug protects the entrance to the uterus.


Sometimes during pregnancy, libido decreases. This is mainly due to fatigue and toxicosis, which affects women in the early stages of pregnancy. Nausea, vomiting, dizziness, discomfort in the chest also does not contribute to this.


And at the end of pregnancy the big stomach and fear of premature birth interfere. In this regard, there are some limitations. Separate postures cannot be used, for example, it is better for a woman not to lie on her back after twenty weeks of pregnancy. A man should avoid pressure on the belly of the future mother. In this case, it is possible for a woman to experiment, lying on her side or taking a position from above. In any case, treat it as an adventure and enjoy the diversity.


Such problems can arise in this period a lot. But more often it's only a psychological aspect that can be resolved by attentive attitude and tenderness between partners. Most importantly, if the partners love each other and understand.


However, any questions and doubts about how to do this can and should be solved with your doctor.And also be sure to contact him with unusual symptoms.


Of course, there are cases where sex during pregnancy is contraindicated. This can be with the threat of miscarriage in the first three months of pregnancy and the threat of premature birth, with multiple pregnancies, if pain occurs during intercourse or bleeding from the vagina, as well as in cases of partner disease with genital herpes, especially during its exacerbation.


But if there are no such contraindications, then go ahead, explore new horizons. Because in moments of sexual intimacy, you are better aware of yourself, the man and your child as a whole, and learn to understand and love.

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