Selection of hair color for skin color

Most girls are very critical of their appearance. Pluck eyebrows, dye your hair, make a manicure, and many, many other little things that change the fair sex in themselves, in order to look well-groomed, sexy, young, fashionable and just charming. Despite the apparent ease of all these transformations, to do so in order to look harmonious and natural is a tremendous work.

How to choose the color of the hair under the skin color - determination of the color

But let's not spray on everything at once, but gradually we will determine what needs to be done with our appearance in order to have an attractive look. And today we will talk about hair coloring. It would seem that it could be easier - I liked the color in the picture, I bought it, put paint on it and ... I look like a parrot. Yes, because you need to choose a color that your hair will acquire not only by the way you like / dislike it, you have to be sure that the result will be in perfect harmony with your skin. After all, it is not without reason that nature combines light skin and red hair, for good reason all dark-skinned dark-skinned ones.It is from this that we must start off before buying a bottle of paint.

So, there are four types of skin, and they are named after the seasons: winter, spring, summer and autumn.


Representatives of this type have light, closer to bluish or dark skin in combination with dark hair. Accordingly, girls of this type will suit such rich colors as ruby, cherry, brown hues and shades. It will be beneficial to look at the game on the contrast. It is better to avoid sunny shades, such as gold, red or red.

How to choose the color of the hair under the skin color - determination of the color


Quite a rare type of girls with pale, light skin. In the sun, they blush rather than sunbathe. Hair is usually soft light tones. To adjust the appearance by staining, do not dramatically change the shade, because contrasting colors will give the skin more pallor. Choose shades similar to natural: beige, golden brown, golden yellow, peach, coral, honey.

How to choose the color of the hair under the skin color - determination of the color


It is the most common color type. Its owners have light olive or light pink skin combined with blond hair.For a successful adjustment, choose shades of ash and light brown. Successfully will look raspberry, cherry, eggplant color. When dyeing hair in dark, red or red dye, you can inadvertently assign yourself a few years.


Owners of freckled skin of peach shades and red or with red hair are usually attributed to the autumn color type. If its representatives want to change their unique data a little, then you should choose chestnut, red, copper or red tones. In order not to drown out its attractiveness, you should not dye your hair black or white.

I would also like to note that there are warm and cold skin tones.

You can safely say that your wearer is warm if your skin is golden or dark in color. You are more suitable if the hair will be darker than the skin.

If you have fair skin, then you have a cold shade, and you can safely dye your hair red and light, striking everyone with its magnificence.

How to choose the color of the hair under the skin color - determination of the color

Important when choosing a paint is the color of your eyes. And in order to choose the color of paint, which will be more advantageous to combine with the color of eyes and skin,use handkerchiefs of various colors, which will need to be tied on the head, to make it easier to imagine how you will look with this or that hair color.

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