See how the Polish artist turns the walls of houses into works of art

A creative street artist who works under a pseudonym loves to paint the walls of simple houses. Not so long ago, she decorated houses in Italian cities with lace patterns, then moved to Sweden, Norway, Spain and Germany, leaving “traces” of her stay everywhere in the form of stunning, smooth and symmetrical patterns on the walls.

Each pattern is not just symmetry, but real visual poetry. Polish street artist with street lace art has been successfully engaged for 9 years. Her works are very easily recognized and remembered.

Why won't she start working officially? The fact is that street art gives her something that she lacks so much - absolute freedom in self-expression and creativity. It paints residential high-rise and even abandoned houses, leaves its mark on the walls and garages.NeSpoon wishes to convey its vision of the beautiful to other people, decorating inconspicuous and boring walls.

Once the Polish artist NeSpoon was inspired by vintage lace patterns. Subsequently, she transferred them to stencils, significantly increased in size. Now the lace pattern is her own style, reflected in numerous homes throughout Europe.

Each pattern represents order, harmony, symmetry and balance.

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