Secrets of proper inhalation at home

If you are sick and feel that the usual methods of treatment do not help or help too slowly, then try using the help of home inhalations - the procedure is simple, but very effective.

They are mainly used to treat colds and viral diseases that affect the upper and lower respiratory tract. Depending on how the procedure is carried out, the person inhales either water vapor or suspended particles of the drug substance.

Traditional way

The advantage of this method is indisputable: there is no need for the drug to travel a long way through the stomach in order to finally affect the sore throat or nose, the therapeutic effect occurs instantaneously, as the drugs go directly to the respiratory tract mucosa.

You have probably heard that such procedures are prescribed and carried out in hospitals, but it turns out that you can take advantage of their healing effect at home.If you are interested in how to make inhalation on your own, then read on.

Therapeutic inhalations are divided into three main types: wet, thermo-moist and steam.

The last of us are all well known - this, for example, if you take a hot steam over a saucepan with hot potatoes. To do this, you can use mineral or seawater, various medicinal herbs, so potatoes are not the only option.

During wet inhalations, the temperature of the solution should be no more than 30 °, while it should not be heated. Thermo-humid, as you already understood, are based on a constant heating of the medicinal solution, while its temperature should vary between 30-40 °.

The benefits of such treatment are the most that neither is real: medicinal solutions act purposefully, enveloping the areas where the infection has accumulated. Not everyone knows that the airways have a special device: their surface is covered with microvilli, which, thanks to their translational movements, remove all accumulations of dust and microbes from the inside to the outside, and inhalation procedures accelerate this process.

In addition, the chances of negative effects, provided that home inhalation is properly carried out, are extremely small, and thanks to natural formulations, the toxic effect on the body is excluded.

How to conduct?

Hot inhalations are best suited for the treatment of adult patients, they are also suitable for children, but the temperature of the solution should be lower; in addition, a good therapeutic effect can be achieved with the help of cold inhalations. Before proceeding to the procedures, it is necessary to prepare everything necessary.

It is easier and more convenient to use special devices, they are called nebulizers. They are electrical devices in the form of ultrasonic or compressor inhalers, you can buy them at the pharmacy. Nebulizers are very convenient to use, due to the fact that they convert medicinal solutions into the smallest dust, with their help the lower airways are especially effectively treated.

Do not start the disease

There are also such models, which plus everything, negatively charge the therapeutic particles, which further increases the efficiency of the procedure. If you need to carry out inhalation of a small child, you can try to find models,equipped with a special mask that allows the patient to breathe medicinal mixtures, not only sitting, but lying down.

If you have not found any special tools, you can resort to the help of improvised means, for example, pots. To do this, boil water in it, add medicinal ingredients, lean over it, and from the top tightly wrap yourself with a towel and a blanket so that all the hot steam hits the target.

Instead of a saucepan, you can use a kettle: hot water is poured into it with medicine, and a funnel made of cardboard is put on the spout. A narrow side is put on the kettle, and the nose and mouth should fit in the wide one so that the incoming steam can be inhaled.

The latter method is especially effective if you need to inhale the baby.

When resorting to such methods of treatment without the use of nebulizers, it is very important to control the temperature of the steam in order not to get a burn of the mucous membrane, which can aggravate the disease even more.

After the water has boiled in a pot or in a kettle, you need to wait five minutes and only then proceed with inhalation.

What else to fear?

Despite the relative safety of such procedures, it is important to know that they have their own contraindications. For example, not everyone knows that if the body temperature exceeds 37.5 °, the procedure will have to be postponed, so be sure to measure it before inhalation. Otherwise, you risk warming up your body even more, and, as a result, acquire problems with your heart or vessels.

You should also beware of an allergic reaction, some herbs or oils can cause it, and people are often unaware of its presence. Therefore, it is desirable to conduct a test inhalation lasting 1-2 minutes and, if everything is in order, then the next time you can conduct a full procedure.

take care of yourself

Allergy sufferers should use mineral water or a harmless soda solution instead of herbs so as not to risk it. It should be remembered that it is impossible to eat later than 1.5 hours before the procedure, and also within an hour after it, it is forbidden to go out and talk a lot, it is advisable to go to bed right under the blanket at all.

In the case of rhinitis and sinusitis, water vapor must be inhaled through the nose, and with diseases of the throat or pharynx, bronchitis, tracheitis and other similar problems - through the mouth.

What to use for the procedure?

Most often, various herbal preparations are used for inhalations, for example, chamomile, juniper, lavender, cedar needles, linden flowers, dried eucalyptus leaves, pine buds and so on will be effective.

All these plants have a healing, disinfecting and anti-inflammatory effect, and, therefore, will be good to fight infections in the respiratory tract. In addition, they relieve tingling and pain, the healing process is softer and easier.

You can use essential oils: Siberian cedar, bergamot, thyme, spruce, eucalyptus, sandalwood, spruce. They perfectly soften the throat, quickly remove all pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The treatment can be carried out on the basis of one thing, and herbs and oils can be combined, in pharmacies specifically for this purpose whole medicinal fees for inhalation are sold.

Instead of herbs and oils, if you cannot use them for some reason, you can use a solution of soda or mineral water, and breathing crushed garlic or onions is also very effective.

Treat properly, or better yet, do not be ill!

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