Secrets of cooking homemade pesto

To give the dish a special taste, chefs from around the world use sauces. They make food truly unique, giving it flavor, as well as stimulating the appetite and beneficially acting on the processes of digestion. One of the most famous sauces in the world is pesto. It is added to meat, fish, pasta, they even fill salads. Preparing the sauce is not difficult, but before that it is important to choose the right products and get acquainted with the technology.

Old story

The origin of this original dressing is attributed to the ancient Persians. In the 19th century, it became a traditional Italian dish; it was first cooked in the city of Genoa, which is still considered its immediate homeland. Sailors often took this product with them for swimming, because it could be stored for a long time, and it could be eaten simply with bread. Genoese sailors were easily recognized in any port, they always emanated a pleasant smell of basil, which is one of the main components of the sauce.

The first mention of pesto in Italian cookbooks is dated1800 year. Since that time, it has become so popular that even the world championships for its preparation have appeared.

Main Ingredients

Basis for pesto is basil. A variety with violet leaves is familiar to our country, but Italians cooks do not recommend using this type in the classic version. For this better fit green spicy grass.

It will also be necessary to extract olive oil directly. Why exactly? Yes, because it is in it that all useful substances are stored, moreover, it has a distinct taste and aroma.

Pine nuts and cheese are added to pesto. Ideally, it should be a variety of Parmegiano Reggiano or Gran Padan, but for cooking at home parmesan or any hard cheese is suitable. Italians also add sheep cheese, but you can do without it.

Dried garlic and coarse sea salt are used as seasoning.

Cooking technology and main types

The name of the sauce comes from the verb "pestato", which translated from Italian means "crush". Just the name and suggests how to prepare this fragrant dressing. This should be done using a mortar and pestle.Of course, modern housewives often simplify this process with a blender, but the Italians are sure that with the help of technology it is impossible to achieve an original taste.


  • basil - 20 leaves;
  • pine nuts - 2 tbsp;
  • garlic - 1 tsp;
  • Parmesan - 40 g;
  • olive oil - 7-8 tbsp;
  • salt.

This is a traditional recipe that requires green basil leaves. They must be thoroughly washed and dried. This should be done carefully, so as not to damage the spice, otherwise it may turn black and oxidize, and this will affect the taste.

Ideal dishes - marble mortar and wooden pestle. With their help, you need to rub a few clove buds, dried garlic and salt. Pour the pine nuts and crush everything well. Next, put the basil and wipe it all together until the state of gruel.

Grate Parmesan and add to the basil with spices, mix and pour in olive oil.

The number of ingredients can be changed, based on your own preferences, but it is worth remembering that the consistency of this pesto should not be too thin or too thick. As in everything, the "golden mean" is needed here.

Green sauce will perfectly complement pasta and risotto, and will also become an original dressing for Italian Caprese snack made from tomatoes and mozzarella.


The method of cooking the red sauce is no different from the classic version, but apart from the main ingredients, tomatoes are also added to it. They can be dried or dried, and for the right consistency, sometimes a small amount of tomato paste can be used. But its use is justified only when you are preparing a home refueling.

Red pesto goes well with pasta and cream cheeses that are served as a snack. In addition, it is in perfect harmony with grilled vegetables and meat.


The characteristic color is given to him by nuts and ricotta cheese. Yellow pesto is added to soups, to which it gives a very spicy flavor.


For it, you can use purple basil. And besides the main ingredients, rocket and butter are also on the list of products. This dressing with basil is suitable for seafood, as well as baked vegetables, especially potatoes and mushrooms.

Keep the pesto in a sterilized jar under a tight lid.

It can be used not only as a supplement to the main dishes, but also as an independent snack, or replace them with the usual tomato pizza paste.

Another hint experienced housewives - if you do not have pine nuts, you can take almonds or hazelnuts. Walnuts are better not to use, they can give bitterness.

Pesto sauce has become so popular that in many countries of the world on its basis new refueling appeared. But if you have ever tried to cook it for a truly Italian recipe, you will never forget this extraordinary taste.

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