Seashells are a great hobby for the whole family.

What do you associate the sea with? Rest, a light breeze, sand and waves ... In addition to the above, among the memorabilia that we bring with us from summer trips, gifts from the seashore are often found - shells.

At first glance, these small memories of rest do not carry any practical benefits. Just a piece of pleasant memories, which eventually begins to seem superfluous. In a year we will again go for new impressions, and last year's shells will no longer be so touching and dear to our heart.

Excellent material for creativity

At the same time, it would be somewhat strange to dispose of as rubbish what had recently seemed like the embodiment of tender and pleasant emotions. How to make the shells take in our surroundings exactly the place that was originally assigned to them, namely, remind us of a wonderful vacation at sea?

Perhaps, the role that the shell was once considered the embodiment of female energy and was a symbol of prosperity, renewal and even eroticism will play a significant role for some.In some countries of Oceania, shells of a certain type have long played the role of money, and in China still shells are bestowed on luck.

So, these little fragments of the sea in front of their eyes turn into a mysterious incarnation of divine energy. So why do not we fill our home with the aura of mystery and success.

Apply wisely

So, the next holiday is over. Among the many souvenirs and memorable photos you probably have a box or a bag with seashells. And if in your home there are young connoisseurs of marine treasures, the variety of shapes, sizes and colors will simply amaze the most daring imagination.

Lovely jewelry box

After you disassemble the holiday photo albums and arrange things in places, it is time to find the use of the gifts found on the seashore. One of the most correct and practical ideas in this case will be to make ornaments for the house from shells. So you not only apply your valuable finds, but also fill the homely atmosphere with the fresh breeze of the sea breeze. And the warm memories of summer rest will easily warm you in the winter of bad weather. In addition, it is so easy to dream of the next vacation, contemplating decorations made of sea stones and seashells.

So that the creations of your hands were not in vain, but brought positive emotions, think carefully about the scope of your future crafts. After all, the range of use of seashells in the interior is much wider than it might seem at first glance. And in order for several hours of hard work not to turn into disappointment and annoying thoughts about where to attach this creation, you should take into account the individual characteristics of your interior.

Cute amulet

Match the future work with the general style of your apartment. If all the rooms are decorated in a classic style, then ornate roses and naive children's crafts may not find their place on the shelves. At the same time, children's rooms are the most often become a haven for crafts made of sea shells and stones. For children and adults the subject of work will certainly be different. Thinking through the decoration for the bathroom, you can be more courageous in fantasy than composing a sketch of a figurine for your baby’s bookshelf.

Adult Games

Do not think that fantasy and creativity is the lot of schoolchildren in the lower grades. In fact, the creation of even a small souvenir with your own hands is quite capable of relieving you from heavy thoughts, and from obsessive anxiety, and even from sadness for unfulfilled dreams.

Therefore, drop all doubts and choose one of the options we proposed for using marine finds.

  1. "Memories in a bottle." When we are well, we try to stay in this state as long as possible. In this case, the progress is made both in the achievement of technological progress in the form of photo and video shooting, as well as traditional and well-known methods, among which the production of souvenirs from those materials that most accurately express the atmosphere of the experience. In our case, the question of where to get materials for crafts, is solved by itself. Pour sand into any of your favorite containers, add pebbles, shells and any items dear to the heart and your own mini-version of the beach is ready. And if you supplement the composition with your photo from a rest, then this composition will become a real hit of design.
  2. Another option to fix the impression of the summer is the decoration of the shells of the photo frames. Just imagine: you are against the background of a sea landscape surrounded by a real part of the coast. Surely such an element of the interior will allow you to tune in for the next vacation and not get bored in anticipation.
  3. Pictures and panels.What is usually placed on the walls in average apartments? In addition to reproductions of paintings and photos of family members, you can also find various souvenirs brought from the most remote corners of the world. Sometimes in a situation where the mood is not happy with positivity, it is enough to glance at the picture from the southern town and it becomes warmer in the soul. And if such a picture or a panel is made with your own hands and keep a slight sigh of sea foam, then it is likely that your experiences will seem like insignificant trifles. Fill the frame with shells glued in a certain order, and you will see how in the eyes of your imagination will find the most intricate forms.
  4. Decoration of furniture and interior items. You do not always want direct and specific use of the found shells in a particular craft. And perhaps your style does not imply such frivolous decorations. In this case, all the shells and stones found can become part of the decor for a small piece of furniture. Use sea gifts in the bathroom or on the balcony and such a decision will not only not damage the overall atmosphere of your home, but will organically complement it.

Creativity comes from childhood

Undoubtedly, children are the most active connoisseurs of shells made of shells. It's so entertaining to collect these small gifts from the sea, and then create something out of them with your own hands. The process of creating a new one is an integral part of the development of imagination and the formation of an extraordinary personality.

This is a true masterpiece.

If your child asks you how to make beautiful crafts from shells yourself, remember how in childhood children and animals were created from natural materials. In the same way you can create with the use of seashells. In addition to figures of various creatures, you can create a model of a sailboat or starship. Release your imagination, do not limit the flight of dreams and you will see how the joint creativity can bring parents and children closer.

If your offspring is already old enough for independent experiments, tell him the idea of ​​decorating shells of various objects. Stands for pencils, caskets, photo frames are just a small fraction of what can be transformed using summer finds.

Tips masters

Each business has its own subtleties that allow you to achieve, if not an ideal result, then one that will surely satisfy the most captious esthete."Experienced" masters, who often use shells in their works, willingly share some nuances that facilitate the creative process:

  • rinse the shells thoroughly in running water;
  • glitter matte copies can be returned using a 10% solution of hydrochloric acid;
  • best of all seashells are glued with “Moment” glue;
  • for finishing strokes, use several layers of varnish.

Do not be afraid to create and let all your wildest projects come true!

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