Scrapbook invitation to a bachelorette party

Scrap-invitation to a bachelorette partywith your own hands.

Materials and tools:

  1. a set of scrap paper. Painter "Birthday";
  2. office paper;
  3. printed images;
  4. duct tape;
  5. glue;
  6. satin ribbon (pink);
  7. cutting mat;
  8. Mr. figure punch Painter;
  9. knife.

Step 1

Take a black and white scrapbook paper and cut a rectangular backing from it for future invitations. From above we glue a smaller rectangle from ordinary office paper using glue or masking tape.

Step 2

With the figure punch Mr. Painter decorate corners.

Step 3

With a knife, we cut out a pre-printed image suitable for a girl's party or a friendly party. if desired, the image can be drawn by the black gel pen itself.

Step 4

We paste the picture of the dummy on a white background. From the scrapbook, we select the necessary ornaments and cut out the details of the clothes.

Step 5

We lay out the cut out parts of clothes on the mannequin and, having chosen the right location, glue them with glue.

Step 6

Next, in order to make the details more voluminous, we use bulk scotch. We glue on it some details of clothes.

Step 7

Glue the scrapbook paper-like pieces of gift wrapping closer to the corner. We make a bow of satin ribbon.

Step 8

Glue the bows to the dress and gifts. You can also stick mini-bonuses, pendants and other ornaments.

Step 9

From above we glue the backing with an ornament of stars. Edges do the same as the flags. On top of the substrate lay out the phrase "Girls only", made in different fonts. Fonts can be printed or drawn manually.

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