Scenes for the autumn ball for high school students and elementary school students. Themes for funny scenes for the autumn school ball

OB_001For the autumn ball at school to be fun and memorable for a long time, you need to choose an interesting, exciting and unusual script for it. Fabulous or cartoon themes will be suitable for children from elementary school, where kids will have a chance to play the roles of their favorite characters. Pupils in grades 5, 6, and 7–9 can learn funny and humorous scenes at the autumn ball, in which they tell with good irony about school life and various events that are important for pupils and teachers. With high school students it is worth initially to consult on the subject of the holiday and only then proceed to planning the program.For a change, dance and musical numbers should be diluted with short funny sketches, funny reprises and satirical stand-ups. This will give the event a richness and make the autumn holiday unforgettable. Well, in memory a celebration can be videotaped, so that after a while, review and remember how all the participants and guests were happy and fun on one of the cold autumn days.

Scenes for the autumn ball for high school students - funny videos from schoolchildren

For high school students in the autumn ball you need to find interesting, original, funny and colorful scenes. Children aged 13–16 will no longer be difficult to memorize large texts in verses or prose and clearly perform them at the right moment in public.

Funny musical scene "Potpourri"

In this scene, the tunes from popular films are adapted to the autumn-school theme. The participants in a humorous way make fun of each other and kindly make fun of the students' passion for modern gadgets.

Scene-humor for high school "Kolobok"

Very funny, funny and cool look performed by high school students staging on a fabulous theme.But the guys are not limited to the usual display of traditional events described in the original, but complement the story with creative elements inherent in modern life. The old tale acquires an unusual sound and attracts the special attention of all those present in the hall.

Scenes for the autumn ball are funny for grades 5-8 - the best ideas


For the autumn ball for grades 5-8, it is better to select funny, vigorous and fun scenes. This may be staging on the subject of school life, seasonal weather conditions or some events significant for teenagers. It is desirable that as many children as possible or all students of the class take part in such speeches. This will help boys and girls to become sociable and teach you to stay well in public, and such skills will be very useful in later life.

The guys can make the scenery themselves from cardboard, papier-mâché and other improvised materials, especially since for mini-productions it is not necessary to build something too bulky. In the end, this is not a premiere in the capital's theater, but only a "home-made" for the school holiday. The only thing that needs to be done is to learn words very well and rehearse the play several times.Then in "Hour Х" all will pass on hurray, and young actors will break the whole bunch of applause.

Funny scene for the school ball "Autumn Depression"

For the production we need only three pupils-boy. Two of them will play a doctor and a nurse, and the third will play the role of a patient. From the props you will need white coats, traditional medical caps, phonendoscope, pajamas for the "patient" and a chair. The actor-patient in hospital pajamas sits with his nose buried in his knees and suffers. He is an eighth grader and he is tormented by the autumn depression. I don’t want to study, I don’t want to do my homework, I don’t even want to go out with friends. The doctor, making a daily round, stops near him and, along with the orderly, tries to find a suitable treatment.


Doctor: - The patient is hard, he entered two days ago. Eight-grader, the syndrome of autumn depression. I can not imagine what to do with it.

The orderly: - Symptoms - ringing in the ears, dizziness and lethargy?

Doctor: - No, he has depression, apathy and lack of mood.

Sanitary: - One of your colleagues from the same patient treated. Put in a solitary room, the transfer with Malakhov included, so he in three hours began to ask to go home.He says it is better to look at the puddles than to endure this horror.

Doctor: - I'm afraid it will not work, the patient is completely sluggish, does not react to anything.

The orderly: - So maybe it smeared with green paint?

Doctor: - I tried - the result is almost absent.

Medical orderly: - Can I offer him chocolate?

Doctor: - Gave, short-term effect.

At this time there is a patient. All in Zelenka, shaggy, shoulders down, kind of sleepy, mumbles a poem about autumn.

Medical orderly: - Yeah, Activia from Danone will certainly help him!

Doctor: - Something I doubt.

The orderly: - And we'll add a red spoon of pepper to it there!

Doctor: - That pepper, mustard does not help, see how it covered.

The orderly: - Maybe give him videos?

Doctor: - What are you - you want to spoil the statistics? We do not need extra injuries.

Medical orderly: - So let's turn on the music to him, let him be cool.

Doctor: - And what - let's try!

Include Ramstein. The patient completely withdraws into himself, sits on the floor and lowers his head.

Medical orderly: - Something is not right.

Doctor: - Not at all.

The orderly: - Aha, you need to change the repertoire!

Include fun music. The patient comes to life, begins to dance.The doctor and the nurse follow his example.

Doctor: - The most it! Take three times daily before meals!

Everyone, dancing, go.

Funny scene "In a certain kingdom"

Five people take part in this funny drama scene. One of the girls performs the leading duties, and the second plays the role of a Khazar princess. The first boy appears as a Russian prince, the second as his faithful heroic horse, and the third person embodies the image of the famous fairy-tale character - Koshchei the Immortal. Traditional musical melodies and song compositions of modern fashion authors and popular groups are used as musical accompaniment for the production. The mini-performance turns out to be very cheerful and creates a cheerful, optimistic and joyful mood among those present.

Funny and funny scene "Harvesting potatoes" for the school autumn ball

This funny scene with humor shows how sometimes it is difficult for the older generation to understand the youth and what this leads to. The performance requires six students - three boys and three girls. They need to be dressed up in grotesquely-cool costumes of a standard family - mom, dad, grandmother, grandfather and brother and sister.To enhance the effect, you can use for costumes things that many have idle around on the mezzanine. Grandma needs to find a bright village handkerchief, grandfather - huge glasses and trousers, and my mother and father - shabby tracksuits with outstretched knees, because the potatoes are used to wear the most worn out and old things. Sister and brother in contrast should look as fashionable as possible and even somewhat defiant. On stage, it will look ridiculous and cause a surge of laughter.


Mom speaks loudly to the children:

- Sasha, Masha, let's go, and I'll buy you sweets later.

- Mom, leave me alone, candy Babus scorch.

- Mom, you che, not in the subject, it is not cool - dig holes.

Mama offendedly shakes her head, brushes away a tear and leaves. Grandma comes in.

- Come on, little ones, dabble a little bit shabby, you should help a little.

- Bah, decipher, it's not clear, what is Morse?

- Who, hde Morzya, do not need a walrus ... encircle, let's go without him.

Children look at each other with irony, but continue to sit. Grandma shakes her head, mumbles about a walrus and calls for her grandfather. Grandfather comes in and screams from the doorway.

- Evona Che, kaki slackers, kaki gentlemen, there is no chance to sit there.

- Grandfather, you better go help the walrus grandmother to search.

- Cavo, Cavo? Sea urchin? Yes, what is it to you, guys, what is the hedgehog ...

Children to myself: - "Well, finally can be dark." Sit, as before. Grandfather throws up his hands and leaves, mumbling about a hedgehog. And then everything changes, the father runs into the room and starts screaming.

- Hey, you, frara homemade, and well, quickly they took their drippers in their hands and cleaned the potatoes. The children jump in surprise, look at each other, but run to the door.

Father pulls out a book and says: "Well, thank you, dear youth slang dictionary." Sighs and leaves.

A short scene on an autumn ball to school - “We will go to study”, “A case in a dressing room”, “Romance”


Short scenes will cheer up all those present and will pleasantly dilute the main solemn program of the autumn ball at school. Such productions are good because they do not require large-scale scenery and themed costumes. Almost always there is enough of a regular table and a chair, and in many cases even these items are unnecessary. For the performance, the guys do not dress up in bulky outfits, but go on stage in their usual clothes. Despite this lack of cost,short scenes fit perfectly into any format of the event and give students, teachers and guests the opportunity to laugh once again at the peripeteias of school life.

Funny scene "We are going to learn"

It’s easy to put a funny scene “We are going to learn” for the autumn ball. Two characters take part in the mini-performance - a careless student and a strict teacher. For decoration, you can use a regular school desk or a teacher’s desk, and clothes, in which teachers and students go to classes every day, are suitable as costumes.


Conversation with the teacher:

"Sidorkin, did not you promise me that you'd fix your deuce?"

- Yes, Mary Ivanna.

“Didn’t I promise to call your parents if you don’t do this?”

- Yes, Mar Ivanna, but if I did not keep my promise, then you can not keep my!

Short scene "Romance"

Such a funny and romantic scene about the relationship in the class is easy to play. On the main roles they take a boy and a girl who have a certain sympathy for each other. The decoration is a scene in the assembly hall or a small space in the classroom near the board.


Vovochka sees Masha out of school and tells her hesitantly:

- Listen, Masha, I want to confess to you (pause), (further speaks quickly) while you went to the board, I tore off the wings from the fly and threw it into your briefcase! I'm sorry!

Masha, slyly squinting:

- I wonder if it is tasty?

Little joke confused:

“I don't know ... Why are you asking?”

Masha calmly:

- Yes, I also want to apologize! I threw it to you in the soup in the dining room, while you went for bread!

Scene "The Case in the locker room" for the school ball

A short scene "The case in the locker room" is more suitable for high school autumn ball for high school students. In elementary school, children simply will not understand the somewhat frivolous theme of the production, but to the boys and girls of 14-16 years old, it will definitely seem close and will surely amuse. The role of the teacher can be played by the class teacher or the highest student in the class with a serious face and a large physique.


Girls screaming dragging the guy backed up. The teacher stops them:

- Wait! What happened?!

One of the girls indignantly:

- Lyutikov spied on us in the locker room!

The teacher, strictly looking at Lyutikova:

- So what, like it?

Buttercups in confusion is silent, then loudly gives out:

- No!

Girls in chorus, lingering and offended:

- How not ?!

Scene at the autumn ball for elementary school - what is required for it


Scenes for the autumn ball in elementary school should be chosen according to the age of the children involved. You should not dwell on complex productions, in which the children will have to memorize a large amount of text and follow the plot very closely. It is better to take in the development of short humor productions and rehearse his role with each student well. By the time of the event, the guys should know the phrases on the teeth, not to confuse the words and clearly remember when exactly they should be pronounced.

Costumes will have to be received in accordance with the material possibilities of the parents and their desire to finance a children's event from their own pockets. If mothers and fathers are not against renting extra money, you can order outfits for the children in an individual tailoring studio or rent dresses, skirts, trousers and shirts for hire at a holiday agency. There is a third option - to make costumes at home with your own hands from scrap materials.However, it will require from parents still serious time expenses, creative thinking, and, of course, the ability to sew. If all this is available - as they say, go ahead and with songs. Children will appreciate the efforts of adults and with great pleasure will perform in unique costumes of maple leaf, gray clouds, cold wind and other satellites of beautiful golden-hairs-autumn.

Themes for the scenes for the autumn ball for schoolchildren


Themes for scenes for the autumn ball should be chosen depending on the age of the audience for which the event is intended. With elementary school students can learn short performances in verse or prose in a fabulous or humorous style. With the children of 5, 6, 7 classes it is appropriate to rehearse funny, perky and funny rooms in the style of KVN jokes or speeches of comedians from Comedy Club. In the scenario for children from grade 9, high school students and future graduates, you can include longer dramatized numbers on contemporary topics relevant to the youth environment. Boys and girls are happy to play out the plots from their favorite movies and TV shows, or they will illustrate with a spectacular production a fashionable song.The girls will like appearances in beautiful dresses, and the boys with great pleasure will fool around on stage, trying on the roles of popular comedians like Garik “Bulldog” Kharlamov or Pasha Volya. The main thing is not to limit imagination and give young people the opportunity to show their creative potential to the maximum. And the most spectacular moments of the holiday should be videotaped, to be reconsidered again, to smile kindly and cheer yourself up.

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