Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

The image of the witch in popular performances is very blurred - from the classic old woman with a hooked nose and green angry face to the glamorous and dangerous witch of our time. This long series also includes young witches from Rowling’s books, students from Hogwarts, and female magicians in mini-mails from online games.

And, of course, the appearance of a witch can scare, even without being “classically” ugly - after all, in the Middle Ages, many girls and young women were burned at the stake as witches just because they were the most beautiful in the area!

"Classic" witch

One of the worst characters of all fairy tales. In the Russian version, the most famous witch is Baba Yaga, an eerie but wise guardian of the border between the world of the living and the dead.

To make the makeup of a classic old witch, you need a crocheted nose nose (the more grotesque the better - you can “grow” your own with napkins and silicone, but this design won't last long).

Green make-up or green eyeshadow, which should be painted on the face and neck (adding a greener dark green or a dark gray set of wrinkles and making them cheekbones sharper), and on the false nose, if desired, attach a wart to the chin (from a piece of napkin and glue, painted with dark brown eyeshadow).

Elfaba from Oz

We all remember the evil Gingema, exactly the "classic witch" from the previous paragraph, which was crushed by Ellie's house in the fairy tale of Oz. Elfab is the same Gingema, but in her youth, the heroine of the popular book and Broadway musical "Wicked" - stories about the deceptively magical but really cruel, authoritarian Oz Country in which the young Elfab tried to survive herself and save her loved ones.

To make this witch's makeup, take on green and dark gray eye shadow, black mascara and eyeliner and burgundy or bright red lipstick. Paint your face with an even layer of green shadows, sharpen it with light strokes of dark gray, make up your eyes with ink and eyeliner and apply lipstick.

Forest Witch

Dryads, graceful forest spirits, were excellent witches! For this make-up with your own hands, you will need powder or foundation, as well as green, yellow and green glitter shadows; Green and yellow lipsticks, black mascara and eyeliner.

Make up your face so that the skin appears even, slightly pale color, paint your eyes with green and yellow shadows, paint your skin up to the temple with light stains with color transitions, apply eyeliner and mascara (from the arrow you can draw a branch with leaves on one of your eyes ); lips dye green, making a straight, slightly widening on the lower lip strip yellow in the middle.Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

Witch gothessa

A beautiful necromancer, always at odds with the night, the moon and the afterlife. Whiten your face (you can make up - it will last longer), make-up lips with black lipstick, thick eyes and cover the eyelids with dark gray shadows, apply black mascara. You can draw a black spiderweb on the temple, a small cross on the bridge of the nose (preferably unusual - Maltese, for example) or paint the whole forehead under a thin black lace veil (although it is better to just throw a lace scarf of black lace on your head).

Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

Glamor witch

Its appearance is in many respects similar to the appearance of a vampire - a dangerous, but attractive. Lip up with burgundy or blood-red lipstick and lip liner of the same shade soTo make them visually fuller; even out the skin tone with foundation (ideally, it should be a little paler than usual), paint the eyes with gray shadows (in the “Smokey-Aise” version), apply them and apply mascara.

Scary makeup witch on Halloween - photo, video, how to make

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