Sarah Jessica Parker photographed against the background of the "Volga" in Moscow

Sarah Jessica Parker, as we told, flew to Moscow. And the first thing posted on Instagram - no, not pictures of Red Square, as other stars do - a video in which she spends time in a Moscow traffic jam. Stuck on the way from the airport, the star of the series “Sex and the City” did what her famous heroine Carrie Bradshaw would have done: did not sit in the car, but went out to pose for the camera, and at the same time remind her visit to the Russian capital - poured a bottle of Sarah Jessica Parker Stash Privé over herself. "That's what happens on the roads in Moscow," Sarah Jessica signed her ironic video. And she pointed out the name of the yellow car (like her favorite taxi in New York), she just mixed it up and put the hashtag # Zhiguli instead of # Volga.

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