Dear Ms. Halikova. I urge you to provide legal advice to the administration of your site, which does not either remove my comments from the site accompanied by signs of copyright protection (s), or is indifferent to such hacker activities. Over the past few months, some of my very valuable comments on promising medical technologies have disappeared on your site or have been re-published under an assumed name. Contrary to my commercial interests, I shared with my readers my perspective vision on some issues (water toothbrushes, treatment of prostatitis, etc.), and then these objects of my charity disappeared from your site. Now I am studying the opinion of experts that the erased comments allegedly came out under an assumed name in another edition. I have already written a hard letter to your administration about this. You also wanted to be asked to comment, in a legal sense, the removal of comments from your forum from the forum with signs of copyright protection.

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