Red spots on the legs

Any blemishes appearing on the skin require close attention and timely treatment. Not all spots on the legs are dangerous, for example, irritation can often appear after epilation. Sometimes red spots on the legs appear after wearing tight shoes or nylon pantyhose. If there are birthmarks on the legs, and they do not change color, do not itch and do not increase in size - you can ignore them, but if there are any changes with them, you must show your legs to the doctor.


It also happens that the rashes on your feet appear after the application of some cosmetic means, for example, a cream for epilation or shower gel. Allergic reactions in most cases pass as soon as the allergen is found and eliminated. Special attention should be paid to red spots, since such spots may indicate the beginning of a rather serious disease, such as vasculitis. If you have spots on your legs, you should not look for causes and treatment on your own, this will not lead to anything good.Our legs signal us about the condition of our veins and vessels. Therefore, any rash on the legs should be shown first to the dermatologist, and then, according to his recommendations, to the vascular surgeon, phlebologist, etc.


Pigmented spots also rarely appear on the skin of the feet. In addition to the aesthetic moment, it is important to understand the cause of the appearance of stains on the legs. Pigmentation often indicates that there are problems with the digestive organs, there may be problems with metabolism, etc. The appearance of pigmentation can also be of a genetic nature, often on the feet there are pigmented spots due to the effects of UV radiation, X-ray, infrared. Therefore, the treatment of age spots on the legs must be determined together with such doctors as an endocrinologist, a dermatologist, a vascular surgeon.


The state of the endocrine system and the content of vitamins in the body are closely related to skin pigmentation, including on the legs. Therefore, brown spots on the skin of the legs can indicate a lack of vitamins A, C, PP, and light spots indicate a lack of vitamins of group B. All this suggests that simultaneously with the use of some external ointments, baths, lotions, you must saturate the body with vitamins.Often prescribed large doses of ascorbic acid orally, pantothenic acid, injections of vitamins B1, B6, B12. Allergic spots on the legs are treated in addition to external means also with antihistamines. In any case, treatment is always complex and every drug is prescribed by a doctor.


If you have scaly pink, pink-yellow spots on the legs - there is a high probability that it is rosy zoster. The peculiarity of this disease is that many local procedures - various ointments and lotions only complicate the course of the disease. Therefore, if you notice such a plan of stains on the legs - the causes and treatment will be easily determined by the dermatologist, to whom you should immediately contact. This disease is dangerous in that it can infect your loved ones, and if you self-medicate, you can end up making eczema. As you can see, any blemishes on the body require diagnosis and treatment from a professional, including blemishes on the legs.

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