• 4 eggs (30r)
  • 180-200 ml. of milk. (15p)
  • 200 gr. Sahara. (15p)
  • 500 ml of cream 33%. (180r)

Total: 240r.

Separate the yolks

Boil and cool the milk. Mix with sugar and yolks. We put on the fire and slowly simmering, constantly stirring the mixture to thicken. It becomes a consistency similar to condensed milk. Cooling down.

Whip the cream to a dense mass.

Mix the milk-egg-sugar mixture with the cream and mix thoroughly. Pour into a form for freezing and put in the freezer.

In theory, at this stage you can finish. But, then we will get a lot of small ice floes, which will not be very pleasant to crunch on the teeth. To avoid this, we will need to periodically get the cooling ice cream out of the freezer and stir it every 30 minutes. I mixed 4 times, then I got bored, but it also turned out very well.

Result. 850 grams of the freshest, real natural ice cream.

P.S. If you melt a dark chocolate bar and add it to whipped cream, you will get chocolate ice cream. If you add half a can of boiled condensed milk, you will get cream-brule.

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