Pugacheva showed unreal slender legs in microsports

Diva even accused of abusing photoshop - so good was her figure in the picture.

What would you like to look like in 69 years? Most likely, exactly as Alla Borisovna in the picture, which was published by Svetlana Loboda in her official Instagram. The joint photo came out because Alla Borisovna attended the singer's concert in Jurmala and, of course, looked into her dressing room.

“She enters the dressing room, and you forget about everything in the world. I want to enjoy her wisdom and recharge with power, strength and energy. Woman legend - Alla Pugacheva! Thank you for spending this evening with us. I love you very much, ”Loboda signed the frame.

Alla Pugacheva and Svetlana Loboda
Photo: @lobodaofficial

Svetlana's subscribers, of course, could not feel the described power of the energy through the photo, but received an excellent opportunity to evaluate the style of the Primadonna. His followers are dismantled in detail.First of all, Alla Borisovna was praised for her excellent physical shape and incredibly slender legs, which even young girls would envy. Appreciated the audience and the image of a star. She complemented her short leather shorts with stocking boots and a fashionable booby bag. So that the bow was not overloaded, the top remained neutral black.

Of course, there were those who hastened to dilute the praises with a portion of criticism. She touched first of all on the unnatural lines and forms of Alla Borisovna. “Something smells like photoshop here,” “It seems that it’s not without photoshop,” “Retouching of the legs and no fraud,” hints and direct accusations rained down. Fans of Prima Donna, however, immediately found an argument against such statements and sent the doubters to the official page of Pugacheva herself. There was published a video clip, which captures the arrival of Alla Borisovna in the concert hall "Dzintari", where the show was held. The legs of the stars in this video are clearly visible.

Aug 20, 2018 at 1:00 pdt

August 21, 2018Olga Astafieva
a guest21.08.18 22:14

Poor Maxim ... imagine how ashamed he is to appear in public with this old wallet

a guest22.08.18 13:07

I do not think that he is poor and that he is ashamed to appear with a prima donna.)

a guest21.08.18 22:36

Is that slender legs? Do not make people laugh ..

a guest21.08.18 23:13

It is generally NOT legs, crutches soon ..... enough already making fun of her, there’s no beauty in any part of the body when they write such article titles you really start to think that journalists are openly mocking Alla Borisovna

a guest13.09.18 14:09

Are right

a guest21.08.18 23:30

People, have mercy for a man soon EIGHT ten years - God forbid health and all the best

a guest22.08.18 16:57

Well, let yourself behave like an 80-year-old granny, but she imagined herself to be a beautiful young girl - Shame, shameful! Does not even understand that it is FUNNY !!!

a guest22.08.18 12:18

The legs of an ordinary granny. And there is nothing wrong with that.

a guest22.08.18 13:15

It looks like a dwarf!

a guest22.08.18 13:19

Stop it. You yourself will be old and they will call you that. Well done young. So now the old house to sit?

a guest22.08.18 14:02

already sick of this cheap flattery ... people, you are in your mind, what kind of slimness, where you saw it, in what places ... lift up the skirt of any old woman and you will see under her the same "slender" old age knives ... only they have enough minds to hide and not show them, thus exposing ourselves a laughing stock ...

a guest22.08.18 16:48

You said very correctly

a guest22.08.18 14:15

This demonstration is senility.

a guest22.08.18 16:47

Absolutely correct

a guest22.08.18 16:46

Old, scary.She only starred in horror movies.

Goes on bent. You will not return youth even if you choose a husband from kindergarten.

And at your age you need to dress not as a 14-year-old girl, but as an adult intelligent lady

a guest23.08.18 12:02

Alla super ..! She is the only one ... Cool and loved all her life by men! Not everyone is so lucky! God forbid her family good luck in everything !!!!

a guest23.08.18 12:24

Pugacheva done: brave and spit on her at all!

a guest23.08.18 16:42

the sea can be in shorts but not in this case

a guest27.08.18 08:42

just the queen of our pop music is fine for everybody not everybody is given

a guest27.08.18 16:43

Well, it is clear that these are the legs of an old, and very old aunt ... no matter how thin they are.

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