Pros and cons of the cherry diet

Cherry is a tasty berry, besides, low-calorie, which makes it an excellent basis for diets. Summer time is a great time to try a similar technique. For a short period you have a chance to get rid of excess wrinkles on your stomach. Interesting? Then read on.

Ripe, juicy, healthy

Just one week can make you a few steps closer to a slender body. If you follow the rules, during this time you will be able to say goodbye to 3-4 kg.

Cherry is valuable not only by a small amount of calories, but also by the fact that its consumption improves the digestion of food and helps burn fat deposits. But in order for all this to happen, it is important to follow the basic rules of the cherry diet:

  1. There should be only three main meals per day, no snacking.
  2. In addition to cherries, you can add to your diet non-fat foods: boiled chicken or turkey meat, eggs, low-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, apples.
  3. Spices can be used, but in small quantities.
  4. Cherry juice is best consumed not during a meal, but half an hour before it.
  5. Dinner should be no later than 4 hours before bedtime.

Advantages and disadvantages

The uncomplicated food system, which is based on cherry, has many advantages, and here are the main ones:

  • Uncommon menu. Fortunately, fasting is not necessary, and therefore, the path to harmony will be easy.
  • Vitamin fortification. In addition to losing weight, the berry diet will saturate the body with nutrients and improve overall well-being.
  • Accelerated metabolism. "To accelerate" the metabolism means that after the end of the course of special nutrition, the result obtained will remain for quite a long time.

As for the minuses, then, fortunately, they are quite a bit:

  • Do not expect incredible results. Since the diet menu is quite diverse, it is suitable for those who want to slightly adjust the shape. Those who seek to lose a large number of kilograms, and maximally transform, should choose another system for weight loss.
  • Seasonality. So that you are pleased with the results, and the technique has really benefited, it is recommended to use ripe seasonal fruits, and therefore you have to wait for the summer.

Among the contraindications are only gastrointestinal diseases, the rest can not worry about their health.

If you like this food system, nutritionists recommend entering 3 unloading days per month on cherries. You can repeat the course after the course no earlier than in a month.

Cherry diet is a great option for summer cleansing of the body and the transformation of the figure. Be convinced of it, and be beautiful!

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