Pros and cons of the Bormental diet

Unofficial statistics says that in the world there are about 28 thousand different diets. Why is their number impossible to calculate exactly? Yes, because every year it is growing rapidly. The diet of Dr. Bormental appeared relatively recently, in 2001, when nutritionists, in collaboration with psychotherapists, formed a new nutritional method for getting rid of those extra pounds.

Slimming without taboos

How long do you have to exhaust yourself from giving up favorite products to those who want to become slimmer and more attractive. But very often such tough measures lead to disruptions that lead to even greater weight gain. The diet according to Bormental does not provide for strict prohibitions, its main principle is to start eating less. Then it will not be necessary to prepare each time for yourself separately, but it will be possible to easily form the diet of the products that are always in your refrigerator.

But what is the basis of this technique? Its main feature is the emphasis on human psychology.After all, you first need to understand yourself, and find out the reasons why you overeat. Usually among them there is stress, boredom, failure, trouble at work, problems in the family, etc. After that, you need to adjust yourself to change not only the principles of nutrition, but also life.

From this point on, it will be possible to consider the main rules of the Bormental diet:

  1. No strict prohibitions. If you suddenly wanted to please yourself with a biscuit or a piece of cake - please. Only in this case, subtract the number of calories from the daily rate of calories in baking. Thus the psychological aspect works again. You enjoy your favorite dessert, the brain receives a signal of satisfaction, which means that next time there will be no such strong desire to eat sweets again, as in the conditions of the ban on it.
  2. Daily calorie intake. 1000-1200 kcal a day you can afford to eat. To do this, you need to “arm yourself” with a special table and diary to make it easier to control the whole process.
  3. Sufficient fluid. Only water should be counted, and this is at least 1.5-2 liters per day.
  4. Power scheme All meals should be divided into four times, and ensure that between them took place no more than 4 hours.The greatest amount of calories should fall for breakfast and lunch, the least for snacking.
  5. Products. The Bormental diet provides for inclusion in the menu of a sufficient number of protein products (meat, fish), vegetables and fruits, and a decrease in consumption of salty, smoked and fatty foods (but this does not mean that it should be excluded altogether).

As for cooking methods, preference should be given to cooking, stewing and baking.

  • Physical exercise. This is one of the few power systems that does not “preach” active sports, explaining that the body consumes much less calories than usual. And increased physical exertion can lead to exhaustion. For those who can not imagine their life without sports and gym, must add an additional 200 calories to their diet.

Is it really that good?

Let's try to answer this question together, having considered the positive and negative aspects of the Bormental method. Let's start with the good. So, among the advantages of diet appear:

  1. Keeping a diary is an additional motivator and fixer of the process of losing weight. That is, you will see firsthand your results and achievements.Thus, it will also be possible to notice the need for adjustments.
  2. Control of hunger will not constantly give something to chew and arrange snacks. This leads to the formation of proper eating behavior.
  3. The ability to use different products makes you feel psychologically comfortable. The menu for the week should be designed in such a way that every day it contains a protein product, vegetables and fruits. The remaining number of calories can be distributed at your discretion.

But there are a large number of critics who are skeptical of such a system, because they see more minuses in it:

  1. Many nutritionists do not recommend so much to reduce the caloric intake of food. This leads to a slowdown of the metabolic process and may subsequently cause a constant need to "sit" on a diet so that excess weight does not return again.
  2. Compulsory in the process are 1-2 unloading days a week, when the calorie content of the food will need to be reduced even more. If this is not done, the process of losing weight can reach the point that is called the “plateau effect”. In this case, the weight is reduced by several kilograms, and despite all subsequent efforts, it remains at the same indicator.
  3. The inability to fully engage in sports, as such loads will lead to a significant increase in appetite.

There are such a system and contraindications, including:

  • diabetes;
  • oncological diseases;
  • CNS diseases;
  • problems with the digestive tract;
  • pregnancy.

But if you adhere to all the recommendations in good health, then it is quite possible to get rid of 2-4 kg per week. And this, you see, a good result. Be beautiful!

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