Professionally preparing cocktails

Woman`s Day reveals the secrets of professional bartenders. Now you can arrange a real cocktail party at home and surprise your guests with your skills.
How to make a cocktail
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How to exactly pour the drink in the glasses

Filling several glasses, put them in a row, so that the edges adjoined. Pour the drink in several passes, each time pouring from the bottle until its level in all glasses is the same.

How to prepare glasses

All glasses for cocktails with ice must be pre-cooled. To do this, they are filled with crushed ice and allowed to stand for a few minutes. Glasses and cups for hot drinks should be heated. Here, the glasses are filled for some time with hot water.

How to make a sugar or salt border

Rub the edge of the glass with a slice of lemon or lime and dip it in a saucer with powdered sugar or salt. You can make a color border. To do this, lower the edge of the glass into the colored syrup and only after that into the icing sugar (the syrup must be thick enough so that it does not spread to the glass).

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