Prince Harry decided on a hair transplant

Prince Harry and Prince William love to make fun of each other (for example, when asked by journalists about what he thinks of having a third child in William's family, Harry answered without hesitation: “This is great, I am very happy. I love to watch my brother suffer "). Needless to say, when William began to go bald, Harry’s jokes about his appearance fell one after another? True, this did not last long: William simply shaved her head, and the problem was solved by itself. But Prince Harry, as it turned out, very much appreciates his red hair, and therefore the early baldness, which was handed down to him and William by inheritance, is going through with difficulty.

BritishYoungRoyals Post (@britishyoungroyals)Jan 28, 2018 at 7:04 PST

Publication from Kensington Palace (@kensingtonroyal)Dec 15, 2017 at 5:02 PST

Megan Markle found a way to help the groom cope with the complexes. She suggested that Harry go through a hair transplant procedure (it’s strange, of course, that the prince didn’t think about it before, but sometimes the simplest solutions are for some reason not the most obvious).Harry liked her idea and, according to insiders, the prince will go to the clinic immediately after the wedding - it will cost him 75 thousand dollars, which, compared to spending on the wedding ceremony, does not look like any large amount. Yes, and what can not you do to feel confident and comfortable? But the recent haircut of Prince William cost him quite expensive: personal hairdresser Kate Middleton Richard Ward took 180 pounds for his work, which in translation into rubles means about 14 thousand. Not bad, yes? Such a fantastic price tag has already become a reason for jokes on the Internet: users of social networks advised William not to contact this master anymore, but simply to buy a good machine for 15 pounds next time and forget about the problem forever.

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