Preparing for pregnancy: where to start?

They decided to have a baby, but, as an adult and responsible aunt, I decided to prepare for the pregnancy according to all the rules. How to prepare for pregnancy to minimize the risks? So far they have just stopped drinking alcohol, I signed up for a doctor, but I also want to hear the opinion of experienced mothers, where to start preparing for pregnancy


My opinion is that it is best to start with tests - I did it. Went to the hospital, now here I am observed during pregnancy) The main thing is to make sure that everything is OK both with you and the future father))

You can start with a visit to the gynecologist, he will send for tests. And there it will be clear))) To save time and money, you can go to the gynecologist right away with the analyzes. In laboratories there is a special complex for future parents.

Yes, make an appointment with a doctor and get tested. Stop smoking and drinking, significantly limit the use of coffee. Vitamins which to accept - the doctor should tell.

Ask your doctor about vitamins for your husband. This also plays a big role in conception.

I would advise to switch to natural shampoos, and in general cosmetics, all the same, the baby can be harmed by aggressive ingredients in the composition, I used Davines cosmetics during pregnancy - it is simply magic.

yes, really)))) obviously, preparation for pregnancy should start with shampoos)))))

But I understand that my husband will not be able to do all the months of pregnancy without sex, but he is not ready to risk the baby, it seems that he read that sex does not lead doubts remain, I do not want to go through the whole nightmare of premature labor again.

a guest25.07.18 08:18

I think the first thing you need to choose a good hospital. Nowadays, in all normal maternity hospitals, a record has been scheduled for the year ahead. In Russia, of course, I do not advise you to give birth. Even in the paid and promoted maternity hospitals it is not clear that. I've been giving birth in Israel. Doctors there are true professionals. I almost did not carry on their hands. Here is a link for you their website. I think there you can find detailed information.

The carriage can be looked after, in fact. It seems funny, and a lot of time, but in the end everything is at the last moment and in a hurry.

And believe, with an uncomfortable stroller with a child to walk is a real ah, especially in winter.

The first thing to the gynecologist is to sign up and discuss with her all your questions.

a guest03.09.18 11:50

I am getting ready too - I accept myofolik the doctor prescribed for me. I didn’t really believe in such things, like you eat and you will be happy. but then I read that entire studies were conducted and the opinion changed. I'll see how I can help!

a guest05.09.18 11:30

Yesterday, the gynecologist drank to me to take 6 packs of Miofolik and was very inspired: six months ago, she prescribed him to his patient, who could not get pregnant for a long time. So she is already in position! I really want it to be so with me)))

choose the right father

By the way, yes! )))) It is most important))

Maintain a healthy lifestyle, the doctor will tell the rest

Initially, you need to choose a doctor who will lead the pregnancy and most importantly, that you trust him, otherwise my first experience was unsuccessful, and now I have to go to the reproductologist, as they can't do it, I really like the doctors at the Center all the doctors are qualified and are constantly undergoing training, we will most likely do ICSI, now we are going through the examination with my husband. Well, I wish you good luck and that everything will work out for you.

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