Prayer to Nicholas the Miracle-maker changing fate


In the modern world, many people no longer believe in a higher power, so they do not turn to them for help. However, there are still believers who believe that all deeds on earth are accomplished with the blessings of the Saints. When disaster strikes and nothing else remains, how to turn to the Most High, people pray and ask for help from the intercessors. Those who constantly attend churches know how strong the prayer is to Nicholas the Wonderworker, which changes fate, but you need to read it for 40 days.

Who is Nicholas the Wonderworker?

Nicholas the Wonderworker in Christianity is the patron saint of travelers, orphans and prisoners. In Western countries, he is considered the protector of almost all sectors of society, especially children.

According to legend, Nicholas the Wonderworker was born in the Greek colony of Patara in the III century. From early childhood he was religious and decided to devote his whole life to Christianity. In his youth, Nicholas studied in Alexandria and once on the road he was able to resurrect a sailor who fell from a ship and crashed to death. There is also a belief about three girls saved by the Wonderworker.Their father planned to make money on their beauty, because he could not collect a dowry, being poor. Nikolai planted a bag of gold in their house.

All his life the man tried to help people. After death, his body began to flow to the world and was committed to the Holy Land. A basilica was erected over the grave, and then the church of St. Nicholas was opened, which still exists today.


This is the church that people are trying to get to ask for Holy help. Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing fate, read 40 days. She is very strong, but it is important not just to speak her words, but to let faith into your soul.

What do they pray to Nicholas the Wonderworker?

Even after his death, Nicholas the Wonderworker helps people living on earth. Therefore, people from all over the world come to the burial place of the saint. Orthodox people believe that he hears them from heaven. Therefore, reading a strong 40-day prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing fate, for his son, daughter, friends and relatives, they trust him with their problems.


Strong forty-day prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, which changes the fate of people, helps in the following cases:

  • with an unfortunate fate;
  • in the loss of a loved one, in order to pacify the soul of the deceased;
  • if you need support in business;
  • during illness, for healing the body and soul.

On a note! According to beliefs, even during his lifetime, Nicholas the Wonderworker managed to pacify the raging sea. That's why seafarers consider him their patron.

According to testimonials from people who were helped by the prayer to St. Nicholas the Wonderworker, to get the result, you need to read it correctly, adhering to all conditions, for exactly 40 days.

How to read the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker?

In order for the prayer to be heard by Nicholas the Wonderworker, it must be read carefully, adhering to the following recommendations:

  • During the 40-day prayer period, it is important to always lead a correct life, as a Christian should be: not to drink alcohol, not to smoke, not to overeat.
  • It is necessary to read a prayer exactly 40 days without breaks (if you miss a day, you will have to start all over again).
  • It is advisable to learn the text of the prayer by heart, but you can read from the leaf.
  • You should contact the Holy One 3 times out loud, and then quieter and mentally.
  • It is necessary to pray in the morning before the consecrated icon of the Saint, placing it in the eastern corner for all 40 days.
  • Before pronouncing the prayer, you should wear clean cotton clothes.
  • Each time before prayer, you need to light a lamp, which is also desirable to be sanctified.
  • In the room where the prayer will be read, it must always be clean, it is forbidden to use foul language, to cook, to go there only with pure thoughts.


And, most importantly, the supplicant must believe that the Holy One hears. If he fulfills the request, be sure to thank him.

The text of the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

The text of the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing the fate of people, is presented in Russian below:

“The Returned Wonderworking and imitative Christine, to the world of all exude the many gracious peace and inexhaustible miracle of the sea, praising the love of the Holy, St. Nicholas; But you, I have confidence to the Lord, I am free from all kinds of food, and call it:

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.

Angela in an obrazom, the earthly essence of nature, manifest to you all the creature. Maker: good warfare to the good of thy souls, predispert Nicolae, teach all to you to say:

Rejoice, cleansed from the womb; rejoice, even until the end, sanctified.

Rejoice, wondrous of your parents; rejoice, force soul soul for Christmas manifest.

Rejoice, over the land of the promise; Rejoice, the flower of the Divine plantation.

Rejoice, vine of the virtuous grapes of Christ; Rejoice, tree of the paradise of Jesus.

Rejoice in the wake of raging; rejoice, peace of the Christ of fragrance.

Rejoice, for a sobbing is driven away from you; Rejoice, for by you joy is brought.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice in the form of the lambs and fistals; rejoice, holy cleansing of monasteries.
Rejoice, goodness the great hut; rejoice, holy clean and honest habitation.
Rejoice, bright and all-loving; rejoice, light the golden-haired and immaculate.
Rejoice, honorable Angelo conversationalist; rejoice, good people of your spirit.
Rejoice, the rule of faith is pious; rejoice over the bones of the spirit.
Rejoice, as you are rid of the passion of the telebeds, Rejoice, for we are fulfilling the spiritual sweets.
Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice, deliverance from sorrow; rejoice, giving thanks.

Rejoice, blessing the ashes of the proponent; Rejoice, the well-desires of the well-wishers.

Rejoice, comforter of you who are in distress; Rejoice, good punisher of the afflicted.

Rejoice, miracle puchino, displeased with God; rejoice, the law of Christ the tablets, the God of pisan.

Rejoice, a strong building that is falling down; rejoice, right standing statement.

Rejoice, for all flattery is revealed to you; rejoice that all truth comes true to you.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice, all healings have been healed; rejoice, lover of aid to the strangers.

Rejoice, O dawn, shining in the wickedness of sinners, wandering; Rejoice, thine high in the heat of labor.

Rejoice, make demands of well-being; Rejoice, prepare abundantly for those who ask for them.

Rejoice, foreshadow the promise; rejoice, old old power of renewal.

Rejoice, many deceivers from the way of the truth-giver; rejoice, son of God, faithful to the servant.

Rejoice, because your envy is trampled upon; Rejoice, because your good life is corrected to you.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice, from the comfort of the everlasting confiscation; Rejoice, O mighty offering!

Rejoice, abhorrently unbearable to the righteous; rejoice, drink inexhaustible thirst for life.

Rejoice, and observe the restraint from the rest; rejoice from freedom and captivity.

Rejoice, predlavny in misfortune zapodnike; rejoice, overwhelmed by the protection of the guard.

Rejoice, many of whom died, a sinful one; Rejoice, clean and unharmed.

Rejoice, just because to you the love of the death of sinners is avoided; Rejoice, just because to you, the everlasting tribulation receive.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice, the illumination of the Throne of the Holy Light; Rejoice, the little girl of the unseemly Sun.

Rejoice, ever-behaved, with a burnt flame of God; rejoice, I have been extinguished by the skies of the devil's flame of nechastya.

Rejoice, the holy law of the preaching; rejoice, wonderful light of evangelsky shine.

Rejoice, lightning, burning; rejoice, thunder, frightening in seduction.

Rejoice, Ostunnago Teacher of Reason; Rejoice, mysterious sender of mind.

Rejoice, just as you have to bow down to the worship of the creature; rejoice, just as you learn to worship the Creator in the Trinity.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


Rejoice, all virtuous are a grain; rejoice, all who flow to you, a strong visor.

Rejoice, according to Boz and the Theotokos, all our hope; rejoice, tel our health and soul of salvation.

Rejoice, for we are free from everlasting death; Rejoice, for we endlessly assemble your life.

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Miracle Worker.


About the Blessed and prechudny Father Nicholas, consolation of mourners present, receive our offering, and our deliverance from the hell of the Lord Pray bogopriyatnym your petition, yes with you sing: Alleluia.

Returned to the miracle-wielding and imitative Christine, to the world of all, give many peace and inexhaustible miracle to the sea, praise the love of St. Nicholas; But you, I have confidence to the Lord, I am free from all kinds of food, and call it:

Rejoice, Nicolae, the great Wonderwork. ”

What does prayer give?

What comes from the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker, changing fate? According to testimonials from people, it helps:

  • get rid of diseases;
  • return lost money;
  • get rid of troubles;
  • To find a good job;
  • get patron protection.


Thus, prayer will help in a difficult situation, if you believe and read it with a pure soul.

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