Practical tips for choosing a tablet

Practical tips for choosing a tabletA decade ago, we could not imagine that computer technology has reached such heights. Already, there are questions to consumers - how to choose a tablet computer so that it meets the maximum demands. A huge variety of characteristics, functional features, technical modifications and design decisions will be able to make any user get lost. We will help you choose a tablet as quickly and easily as possible.

Screen - the main criterion for choosing a tablet

Since the tablet PC is almost entirely composed of a screen, it is quite logical that its diagonal determines the size of the device itself. Manufacturing companies are trying to make a minimal plastic frame around the screen in order not to take away a functionally useful space.

Reviews of tablet computers indicate the presence of several major subspecies, given that, you can facilitate the process of choosing a tablet.

The first - the tablet diagonal from 4 to 6 inches makes these devices very similar to the latest generation mobile phones. Of course, full-fledged work with them is excluded, but mobility, on the contrary, is increased.
The second - a diagonal of 7 or 8 inches makes the tablet pocket-sized and most convenient for surfing the web and working with a minimum set of office applications.Practical tips for choosing a tablet

The third subspecies includes displays ranging in size from nine to eleven inches. This is the most common type of tablet. In this subspecies, you will be able to find both models in a lightweight or budget version (plastic), and more expensive models in the case of various metals.

The most expensive is the fourth subspecies. A display diagonal of 11.6 and up to 13 inches is becoming increasingly popular these days. As a rule, these are separate transforming tablets, complete with documentary stations or keyboards. Thus, they combine the functionality of “two in one”.

So, with the size of the displays in tablet computers sorted out. The next criterion that can help you choose a tablet computer is the quality of the screen. The optimal resolution is 1280 by 800 pixels.1024 by 768 is considered more outdated. Also, one can not help but mention the ultra-modern Retina screens with a resolution of 2048x1536.

Choosing a tablet, you should take into account the width of the viewing angle, color reproduction, contrast and the maximum possible range of brightness.Practical tips for choosing a tablet


Much of what a tablet computer can do depends on the operating system it costs. Each system has its own advantages and disadvantages - so we will tell you about the most popular ones.

The first kind of OS is Google Android. It is fully synchronized with the Google service, so you will be immediately available applications built-in mail, calendar, Google maps and even YouTube. In addition, you can replenish the list of your applications through a special directory on Google Play.Practical tips for choosing a tablet

The second type is Apple iOS. This company was the first to introduce tablets to the world community, which is why it is the most popular. For iPad tablet computers presented a huge number of embedded and third-party applications.

The third is Microsoft Windows. A feature of this platform can be called the fact that in a tablet equipped with this system, you can work with the same programs as in stationary Windows.

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